The Reason For Emigration Between The Population

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The reason for emigration between the population

 The first thing is to know that migration is the displacement that the human being performs, towards new sources of life and according to a motivation, ceasing to be national, to become a foreigner. This is because if the human being is not satisfied, satisfied and enjoying his life, he will have to survive with what he has and can;And if he does not have it, he will look for solutions, in this case emigrate.

The reasons, applicable both before and now and to a lesser extent, can be given with the intention of exchange values, knowledge or cultures, for personal reasons and even for love;although in most cases it is because it needs to change country to improve. From the need to end the poverty or marginality that it suffers, social exclusion, lack of employment, not being able to meet their needs or those of his family, inequalities, the insecurities that live day by day, not find a progress or progressopportunities, for wars, economic or political crises, religion, environmental issues, or not having a decent life. However, in many cases, this can cause despair and anguish, so the road does not matter, but to reach the end. That is, they are able to endure any suffering in order to get to the place that they yearn so, they believe that it is worth it and as soon as they arrive they will be compensated by everything that happened.

Let’s put two cases, work and religion. The first mentioned, is currently the biggest cause for people to emigrate. The reason is simple, without work the basic needs cannot be met, there is no capital income, without money there is no food or home, it cannot be maintained, it is considered a poor person who will eventually be excluded and the StateIt does not provide alternatives to prevent that person from leaving his native country. On the contrary, religion was the greatest reason for the past (current. Starting that their God orders them to be a new land, until the little tolerance that people who prophesied a religion before. Consequently they were persecuted, they were taken from a heretic, they were harassed and the free exercise of their religion was prevented, who had different ideologies threatened against their life, sanctioned laws that benefited them and even went against them, they gave themselveswars on behalf of religion and killing were made by those who did not support that belief. Clear reasons to go far from where they lived.

It should be clarified that the most prone to migrate are young people and women. Some, since they are full of projects, dreams and aspire to progress, seeing that in their country they do not find those opportunities, they choose another that offers them an optimal future. As for women, it is because they are less persecuted and get work more easily, vital if you have reasons to migrate. 

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