The Quality And Equity Of The Educational System For Success In The Dennance

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Equity is part of the foundations on which quality education is forged. To achieve educational success, there must be an equal proportion between equity and quality. Educational equity involves an inclusion, which gives attention to diversity, minimizing differences of any kind, thus achieving the greatest academic performance of all.

It is difficult to guarantee education and schools for all in times of wide economic crisis, and even more so, in disadvantaged environments. Under this context, it is also difficult to offer quality education. However, reducing school failure is currently one of the main objectives of the education system, and generally most cases with low performance, come from economically disadvantaged sectors, so you have to dedicate to this special issue special attention.

In this order of ideas, educational care policies must be focused on raising and executing various strategies that can make all people who want to join the educational system, do so, and that all obtain equal conditions and the necessary tools, fortrain and develop as a comprehensive and participatory citizen of today.

Achieving an equitable and quality educational system is not simple, and demands arduous work, which has political, economic, curricular implications, in the acceptance of students, in the continuous training of the teacher so that it has innovation capacity, in theApplication of technologies, and even in the instruction and inclusion of families, whose role is increasingly crucial in the development of academic and social skills and competences, at times where school has lost a high degree of prominence as a central entityof learning, taking place to the spaces outside it.

If there is no equity in the educational process, it will automatically lack quality. To the relevant governments and institutions, they are appropriate to grant all the necessary support so that education can be guaranteed for all, and students can insert themselves into the educational system, managing to maintain their formative process. They must promote measures to achieve equity and quality in educational systems, which is not only necessary from the point of view the equal opportunities and development of competences, but also to achieve success in teaching and a high degree of efficiency,In today’s globalized world. 

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