The Puerto Rican Woman At The Beginning And Length Of The Nineteenth Century

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The Puerto Rican woman at the beginning and length of the nineteenth century

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Puerto Rico women were Spanish inhabitants and lacked their own rights. Those who concerned the upper class of the Spanish ruling society enjoyed better educational opportunities than those that do not. Despite, there were a lot of women who were already active participants in what was the labor movement and in the agricultural economy that existed for that time. Subsequently, that Puerto Rico was granted to the United States in 1898 as a result of the Latin American war, the women again starred in an exhaustive role in Puerto Rican society by attending the establishment of the University of Puerto Rico, civil rights, the rights of the woman, military recruitment of the United States and female suffrage.

In the twentieth century the Puerto Rican woman looked great for their rights. She inserted decisively into the world of work. They have become increasingly noticeable in the different occupational, professional and business fields. Today, more than ever we notice the woman to star in all the roles of our administrative life. To face the most devastating collective difficulties that Puerto Rico has had such as the great poverty that there was and the lack of convenient proportions. While the industrialization stage of the 1950s occurred, numerous women in Puerto Rico found a trade in the needle industry, working as tailors in clothing productions.

In the 90s ”it is said that it was the moment of the Puerto Rican woman, since Victoria Muñoz Mendoza was the first woman to run for the Government of Puerto Rico. The House of Representatives elected Zaida Hernández as the first president of that camera. On the other hand, the Senate chose Luisa Lebrón as vice president. In the mid -90s, he was running as a resident commissioner Celeste Benítez being recognized as the first woman in this application. And Marta Font de Calero, Zaida Hernández and Sila M. Calderón were the first women to have postulated for the mayor of San Juan.

In the 21st century it was an achievement for the Puerto Rican woman, since Sila María Calderón was chosen as the first Woman of the Island. In this way, fifteen legislators, two mayors and 311 municipal legislators were elected, managing to occupy a 26.4% of Puerto Rico’s political positions, unprecedented number at that time. In turn, under the government of the first governor in the history of the island, the Office of the Women’s Attorney was created. The creation of this organization was one of the most value benefits for the women of Puerto Rico, since domestic violence is a problem on the island.

In conclusion, the Puerto Rican woman of the 21st century is considered an empowered and free woman. Women in today’s society are an example of intelligence and strength, which is manifested in the ability to prevail the adversities in the face of discrimination that we are subject to. Throughout the history of Puerto Rico, women have passed through the rights of all. Puerto Rico should never put aside these women and their legacy. 

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