The Prophets And Mercy

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The prophets and mercy


In my concept, I think there is no other book of the prophets that speak more clearly of the plan or history of the redemption of our good God. I have been able to learn by the grace of God that to talk about the gospel of salvation we must not forget to mention the following topics: sin, the judgment of God, repentance, the promised Messiah Christ, the cause of his death, his resurrection and his return , the salvation of eternal condemnation. It is incredible to see how Isaiah’s book treats all these issues in detail and precise way.


The first chapters of the book tell us about the trial that will fall on Judah mainly because of his sin, however this message is also for Israel that belongs to the northern kingdom. Well, it would be very encouraging to give this message something of the past, and that the judgment or punishment of which this book speaks only concerns those nations and that time, but the reality is another, because the Word of God is not ancient Not new, but eternal, and this message is for all humanity, present and future. 

God has established one day to judge the world because of sin. We are all sinners and we are dismissed from the glory of God, Romans 3:23. What a sinful nation, a town loaded with the weight of their guilt. It is full of evil people, corrupt children who have rejected the man. They have despised the saint of Israel and have turned their backs, Isaiah 1: 4. The first 2 issues of the Salvation Plan are raised in most of this book, the sin and judgment of God.

Sin causes spiritual death, separates us from our God because He is holy and sin cannot be with him. In fact, Isaiah himself in Chapter 6 tells us that he saw the Lord sitting in his majestic throne, and the surrounding seraphim said: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, seeing this Isaiah recognized his status as a sinner before such a manifestation of greatness and holiness of the Lord. 

So we are all before the Lord, our sin ashamed, it takes us away from God. The question is, what will we do then?, Is there any way out of our conviction?, How can we avoid that trial, that condemnation that awaits us because of our rebellion? Well, here comes the good news, the promise of redemption that God in his infinite wisdom and mercy prepared from eternity. 

In verse 16 of Chapter 1, the Lord says: Wash and are clean, take away their sins of my sight, calling us to repentance, and in verse 18 he tells us: even if their sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as the snow. It is beautiful to see the mercy of God, after so much evil, of so much rebellion, and to turn his back on him, the Lord is with his open arms willing to forgive us, to clean us from all our iniquity. 


Of course, all this is possible through his servant, the Messiah, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is announced several times in this book of Isaiah. The sacrificial death of Jesus Christ was the one that paid the price for all our sins, the Lord Jesus Christ was injured, ground by our rebellion, he suffered the wrath of God in our place, but rose on the third day and soon he will soon establish his kingdom. 

All we must do is accept that sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ in our place, recognize our status as sinners, and believe in his death and resurrection in our heart. When this happens in a genuine way, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us. We have eternal life with the Lord, we go from death to life we ​​are, saved from judgment, from the wrath of God forever.  

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