The Projected Fund Flow

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The projected fund flow


The projected cash flow is a financial state that allows ussame, in such a way that it helps us to know the cash needs in the future and the support of the project.

 Likewise, the cash flow will analyze the liquidity that exists within the company in such a way that based on this the cash can be generated, and thus be able to meet the goals and projections raised in a short -term period, it is also largeHelp for management projections, because it is very useful in decision making, to analyze whether it is feasible to invest or not.


The projected cash flow status or also known as Cash Flow in a financial report that shows us all the income and expenditures that have been carried out in a company for a certain period of time. The cash flow is one of the most important financial statements used for the financial analysis of a company, this is added the results status together with the general balance. 

The difference that results from the income and expenses of cash is known by the balance name, it can be favorable in the case of income obtained by a company are higher than expenses, and can be unfavorable when expenses are superiorto income. The projected cash flow helps us to evaluate all the operation activities, the financing and investment of the company, for which the financial information is taken from the state of financial situation.

 At this point it details us about all our assets, liabilities and the heritage we have, so it is also of great importance the statement of results to know if throughout the period the company had profits, and the state of flow indicates usIf the company is on the cash.

The cash flow status is of great importance for business managers within the banks, because they carry out a thorough analysis to carry out the approval of the financing to the entities that require it, the figures analysis has a close relationship with theliquidity indicators, since they must require cash to comply with all their obligations.

The control of all the financing made will be exercised from the approval to the liquidation of the same, it must always verify both the support of said loans and the client’s economic situation. We know that there is no determined cash flow structure for all companies, but we can say that they are very similar, so that all people can compare the projected cash flow of a company with that of others.


In conclusion we say that the projected cash flow is very useful within the company because it shows us the income and expenditures of it, to determine a balance, this can be favorable or unfavorable


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