The Process Of Acquiring Knowledge In The Human Being

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The process of acquiring knowledge in the human being

"The knowledge acquisition process is more valuable than reaching a final result". Discuss this statement referring to two areas of knowledge.

The human being by nature has the ability to be an investigator, reflective and analyst leading him to the point of doubting himself and his place in the world, in addition to looking for responses to all phenomena in the universe. All this is carried out through shared knowledge and personal knowledge.

Personal knowledge is an important factor in the acquisition of knowledge continuously, since through this man can see beyond their knowledge and expand them through methods such as experimentation, skills development, thus formulating their own judgments;thus increasing your knowledge. Shared knowledge is another important factor for the acquisition of knowledge, anyone can reflect on that shared knowledge and investigate various variants beyond such previous knowledge.

Although shared knowledge and personal knowledge are different, they form a relationship that leads man to acquire knowledge, a clear example is when finding a response to a theory or idea where all possible variants are studied to reach an answerPhysically verifiable, thus reaching a final result.

However, certain theories or ideas have not yet been resolved, such as the true origin of man, some claim that it comes from biological changes in organisms on earth, as explained by the theory of natural selection of Charles Darwin and on the other handIt is affirmed that man this is coming from a divine being as explained by the Bible. Creating a debate between anthropology and religion that until today does not have a conclusion about who is right.

At the same time there are theories that have been resolved as the explanation of the formation of the continents, through the theory of continental drift of Alfred Wegener, who said that before the six existing continents formed oneself called Pangea.

Despite these situations we always find an acquisition of knowledge, either continuously or fixedly, finding an answer. What leads us to raise is the acquisition of knowledge more valuable when acquired continuously? Or reaching a final result limits the acquisition of knowledge? To reach a conclusion about the affirmation "the process of acquiring knowledge is more valuable than reaching a final result" the areas of knowledge of the arts and ethics will be covered.

For Friedrich Nietzsche "any idealism in the face of need is a hoax". An image of how need and ambition can change our moral base. As is of general knowledge, ethics is related to human morals, the duality between the judgment of what is morally good and what is bad. For something that usually over the times has been more involved with the leaders of a country and their actions during and after its legislative period.

In this case, the leaders who only come to power to govern authoritatively with the sole purpose that is also economically benefiting from the ribfood, among other services and despite this, they do nothing about it. Thus remaining in the memory of his people like a tyrant.

These factors show how the power and ambition of man can "blind him" and break his moral bases, at the edge that he is no longer aware of the evil he is doing to the nation to which he swore loyalty and above all gratitude throughof progress. Implying that certain politicians are evil beings without any sense of ethics. This is one of the responses to which the population has come to declare when a political party does not put its value as a human in the face of economic enrichment.

On the other hand, the variant of the acquisition of knowledge continuously is added. What is the most reflected area? The one that is best considered for this assignment is art, through this area you can illustrate the image of an object or situation and through our sensory perception we can give our own opinion about what we are visualizing or listening.

One of the most exploited artistic resources today is cinema, through these audiovisual tapes we not only have the option to entertain ourselves, certain film tapes can save a teaching in the mind of the human being, since 1895 the cinema has evolved withThe passage of time, as has changed its standards and what it can represent.

In the category of cinema there have been great directors who have marked footprint in the world, not only for the popularity of their films, but for the values and properties that give the receiver knowledge, among them are Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock or Martin ScorseseRecognized for their extensive and successful filmography, however, when a new generation, the ideology and characteristics of their films describe them change, but the one that has highlighted the most has been Christopher Nolan a director and writer who has a peculiarity that the plasma in eachone of its films and that is a relationship with time and its factors.

Its filmographic repertoire has renowned films such as the trilogy of Batman, Memento or Interstellar among others, looking in each of them perfectionism and relating it to time that leads us to doubt what is No Nolan’s purpose in time in itsfilms? Each of these shows various values, as in the trilogy of Batman, portrays aspects of man or the symbolism of dogs in the age of imperialism, in addition to thoroughly leading the values of morality and ethics, through the inspiration of the "The hero’s trip ”book written by Joseph Campbell. Among the most important aspects.

Even so, the tape that the reflectors are carried is that it is the maximum expression of the study of the fragility of memory, in his own words “one day it occurred to me that if you counted the story with the chronology upside down, the information would refuseto the public. The spectators would not know what happened, just as the protagonist does not know. ”.

A contrast that promotes the acquisition of knowledge continuously through an unsolved mystery with the chaotic outcome of a man who cannot, nor can he recover his memories. Tapes like these have led specialists and scientists to evaluate the variants of time and context of the time.

In conclusion, both the process of acquiring knowledge and the fact of reaching a final result are related to each other and are important, being a complement to each other, however, in my opinion I find the process of acquiring knowledge more valuableWhen the idea or theory has a continuation, which causes the interest of the receiver to investigate and find answers to the different perspectives that this idea has

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