The Prince: Written By Nicolás Machiavelo

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The Prince: written by Nicolás Machiavelo


Prince Nicolás Machiavelli. In the book it is implied how Nicolás Machiavelo sees politics based on the experience he has and his knowledge of the story. This was a guide for the rulers to put it in some way, since it touches interesting points of how to act sometimes where important decisions should be made and that they are not so good, how a ruler should be among other things that I will gomentioning during the writing. I will start talking about chapter I where are there as many classes there are and how they are acquired, for this there are only two types of principalities that are the ones that inherit it and the mixed.

In the first one it is acquired when the family already had it for a long time and inherited, in the second they are integrated into an old principality, but this carries a different treatment according to the political circumstances that intervened in their acquisition. People would like to resort to a prince who is close to them instead of a prince who is distant because that way they will see it more how I still strange and it would be best to reflect on how the teacher who mentionedWhy the new rulers no longer used costumes was to look at how one of us created that this part of that part where the people prefer a prince who is close to them. 

In the same way, the princes have to know the evils that may happen, thus being well a cautious man, since when can it be presented at that time there will be a possible solution for that evil because if it is allowed to pass how something not important when thisI get to pass there will be no remedy so sure as if they will apply it from the beginning. Chapter V is mentioned how cities should be governed, that before the people will worry about walking a new prince, these states were already accustomed to living with their laws, but it was necessary to ruin them or live with themthus leaving the people with the laws they already had.

Creating in this way in your country a court with few people all this by the prince. He has all the interest in being able to keep his authority what matters most is to keep power. The ruler must be humble, religious, kind and friendly in this, the question enters. Is it better to be feared than loved? Well, it is fine to be a bit of both, but in fact it is better to be feared, since people are hypocritical and see first for them and this is very true you usually take advantage of those who are good. And I don’t think that is as bad how an example that could explain this would easily be when you have to do a teamwork.

You are looking for people who work that are good for this work there is to see for one before the others, but there are also limits and it is also good to put yourself in the place of some and help every time you can so be good to be both loved and feared,But as they say in the book it is better to be feared. It is about being in most of the time good, but when you have to make a decision that you know they will not be so good for the other people of the town it is better to send someone to make the decision for you so that soYou are still well and the people do not have to see you otherwise or I got to change their opinion to you for the decision taken.

It is also said that religion and beliefs that are have are not sufficiently so that it can be maintained in power that how I mentioned above is what matters most to the governor. Returning to the principals now I will talk about those who acquire that position without less effort, but when they already get it, the time where some obstacles occur, these rulers were able to acquire the State by comparing it for this reason that it is said that it became ruler withoutbusy. In chapter IX he talks about the second way that an individual can become a prince, with the help of the people he governs in his homeland.

For this, the value or fortune is not necessary but rather of a good cunning that is successful. In any city there are two different parts or inclinations, one is where the people want. When a citizen has become a prince because the people help him must keep the affection that he has and this is not so complicated that how the people already mention the people alone do not want to feel oppressed while those who become princes with the help of the help ofother greats and against the vote of the people.

Well they must get the affection of the people and it is something simple when they protect them, since you are people only expect bad things from the prince and when they realize that it is not how they thought is where they are approaching moreAnd they end up accepting it the prince ends up earning citizens appreciation. Now I will talk about the acquisition of principalities with their own or others. What Machiavello mentions is that there are two ways to acquire the principalities, one of them would be with their own weapons and the other way is with the weapons of others, in the first way it is more difficult to acquire it, but over time it is easier to be ablekeep it.

Always and when you have enough strength;In the second case it is easier to obtain it but difficult to stay, since it depends on certain factors that condition it is how what is said what is easy to go this is said in a simpler way. Being so generous is not the best for the prince, since he will end up spending everything he has instead if the prince leans more for greed can save taxes to the people which will also be good for him, since he can win warsand better finance in such a way that in the end it will end up being loved by the vast majority of the town, however, what the prince should avoid is that the people came to hate, since they will be able to go against it. 

A way for the prince to be loved by the people is awards or punishments, since this will serve as examples for other people. Finally, the criteria that the prince must follow at the time of choosing his secretaries are mentioned, since they will be his closest assistants and for obvious reasons they have to be the most faithful to the prince;It is also said that the cause of why the princes of Italy lost their states are some of these: the bad relationship with the people and the lack of prevention, important things that have already been mentioned above in what I have written. My opinion would be that it is a good book that is worth reading and having the time to do it well in order to understand what is being talked about, since it can be something confusing.


He created that it is worth reading and knowing a little about things of politics, since how we can see there are certain points that are still seen as an example would be the closeness they intend to have with us, be friendly, generous and humble among other things andPersonally, I plan to read the book again for things that will not become clear and a second read will make it better understood than it is and more interested in the story that is there, the book I liked the beginning is notso good, but as you read it, it is more interesting and important to know things that are discussed.       

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