The President’S Facts

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The president’s facts


To stop the pandemic and address it in the best possible way, the former vice president proposes a national free coronavirus detection test program for all citizens. Biden argues that it is necessary to take this virus seriously because it will not go automatically and you have to follow science. For his part, Trump, contrary to Biden, thinks about finishing confinement and opening the economy. Joe Biden has been characterized by wanting to reverse the controversial wall of Mexico, which was built during the Trump government and for which millions of dollars have been invested. Likewise, the Democratic candidate seeks to facilitate the process to acquire American citizenship to millions of people who do not currently have documentation.


Trump’s supporters blindly believe in what the president says. The long absence of Hugo Chávez at the head of the Venezuelan Executive as was the repeated absence of Fernando Lugo of Power in Paraguay shows that what the leaders believe is not so true. Or they are essential and the country can work perfectly without them. It is not uncommon to find that the Magnate speculative George Soros has said that a simple call of his to his broker in Argentina ordering him to draw his miles of millions of dollars of banks from that country can produce the effect of a silent coup d’etat and without military. 

And this is said who in similar procedures was about to break Russia and England economies a little larger than the South American country. This is only the scenario where the rhetoric of power develops, but it is not the center of power itself or the president makes the decisions finally. The leaders far from their functions show us that the life of people dependent less than them than what they really imagine and that everyday actions are guided by other parameters very different from the unpredictability that surrounds the idea of the exercise of power of power.


Chávez and the people adherent to their cause their physical absence must lead to a deep reflection on the real importance of the president in his practical life and that the messianic concept of the exercise of power is far from everyday life. The president allows us to see the human side of things the unstoppable passage of time and the little importance of those who hold great positions for the common people, their own benefits, but that individualism will really serve in a world where it will see more natural crisesWhat contradictions of high controls.


Moyano a.

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