The Power Of Myth: Myths Today

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The power of myth: myths today


Since the principles of history, myths have already been present in our culture as in the perception of the same. In recent times, due to new technological advances and human evolution, great changes have arisen regarding the use and creation of myths, both to give an answer about the unknown or create a dominant objective. Religion is usually mixed with other phenomena, since humanity has assumed these types of beliefs that cannot be rationally explained.


Mainly humanity has found motivation in the domination of others. Hence we can find this type of attitudes in all corners of our planet, throughout all continents. It is enough to read about research efforts, to understand that the human being has always worried about showing that mysterious and dark that has tried to control, either with human features, of animals, of mixtures between human and animal, etc. They have intended to transfer the borders of the objective and material towards the mysterious and dominator of the forces, whether of good or evil. Hence the number of myths that we can find in universal mythology manuals.

If we focus on other countries, especially Oriental, of African or South American origin we can still find the features of those ancestral myths that shape their cultures and beliefs that can be defined as mythological. There is what is currently known about the earth as a mother or what was transmitted from the principles of generations where the cultural with the surrealist, the religious with the mythical. Time has not deleted that internal dependence integrated into its way of living, thinking, expressing their beliefs or relating to the unknown.

On the other hand, in countries with greater economic development, which are civilized;Beliefs, ways of thinking and living, and relating to the unknown, change greatly. It has been tried to carry everything in a very objective way to the point of materializing it to be able to perceive it with all the senses. Which does not mean that other gestures and behaviors of high mythical content cease to appear.

Human genes do not erase that connection with what our will to think and believe in something mysterious. Religions have a lot to do with this type of behavior. These types of confessions are what have made the consciences of all people move and control to reach a point of extreme conviction in most places in the world.

Even other gods come to modify the identity of people, which causes their wills to change to manage consciences to varied types of interests. They are the myths, beliefs and behaviors that define the response of the people who assume that collective role, directed with the intentions of their promoters, in this case they are the economic agents that perfectly manage human psychology to lead society towardsits own objectives among which is consumerism. Personality is lost through the cancellation of the different thoughts.

Observing the behavior of the new generations, the mythical contents on which we rely from antiquity can be explained. Customs have appeared in the different individual and collective life habits. What we previously knew as fashion has meant great changes in the diversity of our behaviors, which are gradually manifested in the outside world and our way of living. Also, condition our answers in every place and moment where we are.

The myths that in the 60s of the last century that manifested themselves in the way of living of hippies groups, expressed in the way of dressing, and living in different social groups outside the most common stereotypes of society. In the content of his philosophy of life there were very defined beliefs and a way of understanding the existence in this world, despite many of the contradictions that gradually over time have been dismantled and dissipating;It was like a critical response to denounce their disagreement with that world that they did not finish accepting. But that world they rejected also followed mythical patterns that manifested themselves in another way of understanding human coexistence,

Today, already in the 21st century, globalized behaviors of different social groups appear in the world, some in urban tribes format, others with fashions or ways to show a respect in the body based on tattoos and piercings in all parts of the anatomyhuman, when not, in collective behaviors that define trends marked by new technologies and social networks. For example, the use of mobile telephony with all its computer and communication applications.

The different transformations that have emerged, progressively accelerate with features of different beliefs to offer a different image of life. It is currently based mainly on economic materialism, which focuses on capitalism that is losing control and that at the same time becomes the myth to follow as a way of consumerist life. It is hidden in a way that we must face to impose its own rules of the game in the necessary developments of world politics and economy. That is the new myth that you have to believe and rely on our world today. At least it is what most leaders who control the world try.

When we want to justify the violent acts of the fundamental extremist groups or of harmful and corrupt governments, the features of their myths are very marked with the imposition of their ideologies, rejecting differences, practicing xenophobia, sacrificing human lives and destroying cultures,Many times mixed with religion! It has tried to manipulate the will of others to impose with fear the same will. Fundamentally they have traits that make us go back in time, without being able to evolve in the development of our life regarding the society in which we currently live

Fear has always been perceived in the practices that have determined and continue to determine that mythological world. Sometimes it is disconcerting fear of the unknown;other times, induced by dark interests of domain and power in all possible options, manipulating the conscience and will of people. Because fear is paralyzing, being used as a social, political or economic strategy, it is often taken from the religious hand that accompanies its existence. On the cultural level, the world also moves today creating and enhancing myths in different areas, but I am going to focus on two of them: sports and music.

In the world of sport new idols are beginning to create, to which to show support and thanks in the form of economic value in various causes, and of reference to follow. What child or teenager has not thought about being in the future, for example, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos in the world of football, Marc Márquez in Moto GP, Rafa Nadal, Serena Williams or María Sharapova in Tenis, Pau GasolIn basketball, etc. They all have fortune and fame, turned into idols that drag large masses of followers behind them. It is only enough to observe in competitions the responses of the public, on many occasions with violent clashes and the appearance of radical groups.

In the music environment, myths with proper names appear, as in sport, due to mass mobilizations, sometimes crazy, which achieve the calls for their shows. Similarly, they get fame and fortune. However, we must understand that, throughout the history of humanity, musical instruments have been present, regularly and systematically, in the mythological behavior of peoples, both primitive and current. 

They have been integrated into public and religious acts as part of their culture and their way of expressing their beliefs. In the Brazilian Northeast you can clearly see this way of feeling and developing intensely music and dance wanting to unite to invoke the gods or to contemplate the spirits, as it happens with the shamans in the different civilizations. On this anthropological behavior, there are already many published research that widely illustrate this musical presence.


From here and because it precedes, we can understand that myths are still very present in today’s world, expressed in very different ways and moved by various motivations. What should not be forgotten is that myths are created and integrated depending on the cultural context and human populations. This has been since the beginning and continues to work in the present within the behavior of the human being. The obvious presence of a technology that advances by accelerated steps, offering new and sophisticated tools that popularize, attractive, to the rhythm of a growing market.

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