The Poverty Existing In Latin America And Its Consequences

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The poverty existing in Latin America and its consequences

Investigative history

The poverty existing in Latin America is a reflection of the great inequality that threatens economic growth, which hinders integration processes and prevents the desired conditions from facing development demands and guaranteeing the insecurity of the continent. In a first chapter, an outline on the history of poverty has been made and terms have been related that allow us to understand the basic elements that infer in the identification of categories and classifications, until now employed, to clarify the concepts about poverty andmarginality. 

Poverty represents a serious social problem that has ethical, economic and political implications considered as first order. Very broad sectors of the population in our continent are currently affected by a marked unemployment, abandonment, hunger, malnutrition and marginality situation. This condition attempts against human rights and places the large number of people affected, in a situation of constant social restboth large sectors are excluded from the economy and society.

In the agitated debate of poverty and poverty lines there has been several decades for several decades. Poverty is, in its most popular concept, only lack of money, however, poverty is a general and much deeper concept. We can summarize poverty as the pronounced lack of well -being. And well -being can take many forms: health, food, housing and even legal rights, freedoms and other. According to the World Bank, the most accepted concept of well -being focuses on people’s ability to function within a society. Poor people lack skills, rights or privileges that do not allow them to develop completely and serve in their society.

Malnutrition: There is a certain percentage of malnutrition in our country, there are areas in extreme poverty and malnutrition is notorious. Many children die from malnutrition caused by lack of economic income. Good diet is the minimum that a human being needs to survive. The lack of resources and population incrementation causes more malnutrition, as many children suffer at birth in a non -stable life, since economic resources are indispensable to support basic needs. The lack of sources of work in Ecuador causes poverty, which is why Ecuadorians resort to migration, which is another of the notorious causes of poverty.

  • Migration: These influence the lives of many Ecuadorians, that their only inspiration is to leave the country, but it attracts a lot of attention that our economy is based on the remittances that our compatriots send, which would be from the country if one day our brothers stop sendingRemittances to relatives, it would be the end of Ecuador. 
  • Family disintegration: it is a very serious consequence of poverty, this is generated from infidelities, migration, etc. If in a home there is no father or mother, it is much more difficult to fight for a stable life, the support of these was truly necessary for the daily livelihood of those that make up said family. The disintegration caused by poverty in turn also causes crime.
  •  Crime: Our country lives at a very high level of violence this for so much crime. In poor families, a lot of family violence is seen, young people in their stage of adolescents lookThey can reach the murders, just because of the lack of resources in their families.


Once the execution of the program will be completed, it will be supervised periodically in order to verify the monitoring of the activities in the sector of the same and verify the fulfillment of the same.

While these paradigms placed the localities as "receiving instances", the Latin American common platform placed the towns as "dynamic nodes of intra-local cooperation", this led to the possibility of a development pattern from below, whichI had never contributed capitalism.

Philosophical foundation

The focus of the present investigation is based on the critical-professional paradigm;critic because it analyzes an existing situation within society (poverty) and proactive because it seekscountry. Supported by an ontological point of view, the phenomenon of unemployment and underemployment affects the population of Ecuador.

This directly affects the health of individuals, in the psychological aspects and mainly in their economy. It will be defined that it is unemployment and underemployment, because they occur and what consequences they bring. Epistemology is evidenced in this research because, the causes and consequences that cause unemployment and underemployment in Ecuador are known. Through this research project, these phenomena will be sought to solve or at least explain how they can be diminished. The axiological structure of this research refers to the social, economic and health well -being of individuals affected by unemployment and underemployment. L

Obraining these two variables, better social welfare, family economic satisfaction and an increase to the gross domestic product of the country are achieved. Methodologically this investigation will contribute the steps to follow to combat unemployment and underemployment. Also as the State may give greater monitoring of the affected population. The direct link that unemployment and underemployment have with the well -being of the affected party in itself and the fundamental entity of society (the family). 

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