The Potsdam Declaration

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The Potsdam Declaration

This writing is an ultimatum that was given to Japan at the Potsdam Conference, when the city of Berlin is unconditionally surrendered a few months before. The conference was held in that German town, and was signed by the United States Heads of Government (Harry S. Truman), the United Kingdom (Winston Churchill) and the Soviet Union (Iosif Stalin). However, Potsdam’s statement was signed by Truman, Churchill and the president of the Chinag Kai-Shek Republic. It was published on July 26, but was not signed until September 2, 1945, with the consequent surrender of Japan.

The text we treat is historical-circustial, since it is a governmental statement in which one of all the agreements that were signed at the Potsdam Conference is held and, therefore, it consists of a totally political content.

The participants of this agreement went through World War II, which left them with work for doing each in their country. In the case of Harry S. Truman, a thirtieth American president, arrived in the government that same year, with the sequelae of the war in his charge. Among other events, it is worth highlighting the beginning of the Cold War, the Marshall Plan and the UN Foundation. His mandate ended in January 1953, replaced by the representative of the Republican Party, Eisenhower.

In turn, Chiang Kay-Shek only ruled until 1949, when, after various problems with the Soviets, he decided to move with the help of the United States to Taiwan, and led this country to great economic and industrial development.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill was happened by Clement Attlee in July 1945, so the conference is one of the last things he did as governor of that period, until he left again chosen in 1951.

This manifesto was created in order for Japan to give up after the Germans had lost the war against the countries that formed the alliance. Japan’s role in World War II began when he signed with Germany the Antikomintern Pact (November 1936), in which they agreed to ally against the Soviet Union.

The Japanese Empire, as an ally of the Nazi regime, attacked the US ships of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in December 1941, so that the United States fleet did not get entrusting in the offenses they had planned to make English transoceanics, French, Dutch and Americans. This action really caused was a war between the United States and Japan, and days later, the first country entry into World War II.

In the first five points of the declaration, the three countries that have signed it clarify to Japan that the war must end, and only in two possible ways: to finish this crisis harmed by being persuaded through the dominant military force of the threecountries together, or be sensible and surrender now. If they oppose the conflict, they show as an example the situation of the German Nazi rebels and their territories, which ended up totally devastated. They warn Japan that they are not delayed in the election.

They also clarify that in order to establish a newer order, the authorities that manipulated and cheated the citizens to try to reach the world conquest, and until the latent attempt at war does not dissipate, certain areas of the empire will be dismissed, certain areas of the empire will beoccupied. The military can return to their homes, as long as they disregard the fascist regime. Therefore, the Japanese army broke with the entrance of the American and British balls. These groups, as they affirmed at another point in the statement, would make equitable decisions to the acts committed by each of the Japanese evildoers during the war.

The proxies who continued to be related to the previous political movement and the criminals were shot and expelled, except for Emperor Hirohito, who let them maintain the executive power, but not the real. Once all claims in this statement are fulfilled and a stable and serene government has finally been reached, the allied balls will leave the islands. Thus, these troops left seven years later, in 1952.

The domain of the empire will be reduced to the Hokkaido, Kiousiou, Sikok, Hondo and other small islands islands.

They are required, in turn, a modern democratized society with all kinds of fundamental freedoms and rights of the human being, thus eliminating any type of restriction imposed by the empire that did not allow a person to express themselves freely. Among the advances they made after signing the surrender are: the creation of a parliament chosen by universal suffrage with the representation of the legislative power;Local decisions could do without the central government, but those that had to do with politics, no. This was transcribed from the US Constitution. Also, Hirohito left his divine position.

Likewise, Japan can maintain companies that keep their economy afloat, but not those dedicated to building war material. Later, you can enter international trade.

Japan, which since the 1870s was an economic power thanks to the Meiji restoration, lost all its prestige with the immense loss of benefits that war brought. To prevent this crisis for too, they established new effective and profitable work methods to recover. They also received help from the United States while occupying part of their territory. While the years passed, they were doing so exporting goods that did not borrow at any time, they were much more productive than before entering war. New industries arrived such as electronics (more advanced country in robotics) or car (third country that most factory cars). From the postwar years until now, they went through numerous economic changes, however, we are currently talking about the third economic power of the world, after the United States and China.

Socially, we talk about an outdated country, because a man’s wife still depends, many marriages remember between families and homosexuality does not manifest to the rest of society. The Japanese population is known for their work addiction.

To conclude, we can say that Japan had an important but secondary role in World War II, ending up allying with Germany, against the countries that formed the alliance. The Japanese Empire attacked the American fleet in order that the US.

As we speak before, the three countries that have signed this statement clarify to Japan that he has to sign it to be able to end in such a way that he harms the country as little as possible, since, otherwise, they would face the consequences.

The country in question signed Potsdam’s statement on September 2, 1945, and thus could create a new more modern political system and according to the rest of the countries, which allowed them a great development in all fields, becoming currentlyOne of the main world powers. 

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