The Positive Impact Of Transgenic Foods

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The positive impact of transgenic foods

In recent years, great technological advances have been made in natural sciences, known as genetic engineering, is a set of methodologies that allows genes from one organism to another. Genetic engineering serves to clone DNA fragments and to express genes in organisms different from that of origin, one of the main organisms modified by genetic engineering were food. There are those who do not agree on this situation and consider that it harms the health of those who consume. In this regard, I consider that transgenic foods generate beneficial for humans in any field of their life or gives a better life condition in terms of food for reasons that I will explain in the following paragraphs.

Those who argue that transgenic foods do not generate an alternative in reducing hunger in the world, argue that no transgenic crop is designed to produce great yields. However, they are flatly mistaken, because it has been shown that transgenics have been used as an option to reduce malnutrition and this in turn occurs in large quantities covering the needs of the population. Therefore, the objective is to achieve plants that produce with high yields, this refers to the fact that with little effort generate large amounts of product. In addition, according to information from the British Ministry of the Environment, transgenic foods are called to be the great solution to combat hunger in developing countries and the world, through the production of food of this type, a seed bank;generating better health for people, better nourished people, better conditions of land use, among other things.

Transgenic foods help fight malnutrition in humans. According to studies by the United Nations Food and Agriculture, since 2014 the number of people suffering from malnutrition has been increasing in turn reaching the figure of 815 million in 2016, this means that 9 of each10 people do not have the necessary foods to be healthy and lead their most active life. Hunger and malnutrition are not the main health risk, even more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Faced with this, genetically modified products have been cultivated, the first modified food was rice;especially gold, then corn. The genetically modified rice is a transgenic full of beta-carotene, this in turn could be a good alternative to save the lives of thousands of children in areas where rice is a basic food in diet, children in developing countriesEating gold rice instead of conventional rice, children would not suffer from blindness;There would be no death. Unfortunately, gold rice has been slowed down by the opposition of environmental groups and therefore it has not been able to be introduced to developing countries, even after having strong scientific evidence of safety. This has happened since 2002, which has resulted in more than 5 million blind children and about 3 million of them who have died.

Transgenic foods contribute favoring the fight against climate change. Transgenic play an important role in reducing the unfavorable environmental impact that originates agriculture. This, becomes even more relevant with the population increase that the world has been suffering in recent years and has worsened the situation. Transgenic cultivar technology has promoted less use of fuel. It also not only helps in that aspect, but also in the use of land;Since transgenic foods need less applications of pesticides and herbicides, which translates into less use of fossil fuels, would be less cultivation care.

In conclusion, the consumption of transgenic foods generates benefits and its consumption must be promoted. This is because, in the first place, it helps to reduce hunger in developing countries, where there is food shortages and low productivity. Secondly, it helps to combat malnutrition in those who do not have food at their fingertips. Third, decrease climate change thanks to its components that do not need pesticides, or similar. I suggest that transgenic foods bring us several positive aspects in life conditions. Recall that there are countries where children are malnourished and a good measure for their food and productivity of food would be transgenic, there will be fewer deaths and their life condition will improve.

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