The Positioning Of Supply Chains

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The positioning of supply chains


It was founded in Mexico on December 2 of the year of 1945, today of his bouquet both in Mexico and in most Latin America. Bimbo markets, works and distributes a wide variety in terms of products, among which the cash bread, panquelía, sweet bread, cakes, pastries, salty and sweet snacks, confectionery, roasted, cajeta, corn packed tortillas and of wheat flour among many others. 


This company is intended to be a sustainable, highly productive and fully human company. The links involved in said supply chain; Among the links of this chain are the suppliers, which this company contacts them to acquire the raw material, in order to obtain the best inputs to achieve a quality product. Production production and planning line, BIMBO has around 144 plants that have the commission to satisfy the different demand levels in all the markets in which it is located.

These in their planning have chosen to be located in strategic areas that allow what is the supply in the markets that are closest to this. In their process in terms of production they have opted for techniques that manage to maintain production levels in an efficient way, always taking and considering the standards in terms of quality which are essential to satisfy the customer. Transportation, the Bimbo company has about 51,000 routes and 2.4 million points of sale, the supply usually does it in a nocturnal way where it has been established.

The customer who receives the order cannot receive it if the load period has passed the 36 hrs, due to the nature that the products have a high rotation index in terms of perishable raw materials. Distributors, Bimbo has been characterized by handling a dual system, which means that it has more than one distribution system, and it also works a lot so that in this process you can optimize it and increase market coverage. And they consider that if there is what is a good distribution that increased market penetration.

The existing flows of this company are:

  • Of production
  • Of supply
  • Of distribution

This company has been very prominent in what its logistics processes are, since it focuses on working in a unified way with what are defined objectives and strategies, to acquire the standards consistent in its distribution, quality and logistics processes. Apart from this company, this also remains constant in an evolutionary process before the constant changes in the market and also to the growth of all its businesses at the world and local levels. It is said that part of its logistics success is that it has managed to achieve efficiency in terms of its direct delivery schemes.


Finally, the conclusion that I can get about this topic and this work is that having what a good administration is of what the supply chain can give a competitive advantage to companies that seek to achieve development in what they are The globalized markets, and a very good example of this was the company that selects, as Bimbo is currently stronger in Latin America, but has managed to expand and reach a position on continents such as America, Europe and Asia and that is only reflex The correct way in which they have managed to carry business management. 

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