The Popular Red Thread Legend

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The popular red thread legend


Are you a faithful romantic love betting? If so, this story will surely fill you with many hopes and sighs. Keep with us and discover if it is true or if on the contrary, it is just a myth full of deep reflections. We will begin by telling you that, the famous history of the red thread has crossed generations, being told from parents to children who sow in them the hope that each person has a being destined to love and accompany them, that is, a twin soul thatSooner or later, they will find regardless. "Who is scheduled to be in your life will do it, no matter how much you run away, it will be". But what really tells us the legend?


The legend of the red thread has an Asian origin, it is not yet known clearly if it is Chinese or Japanese, but it consists of a popular belief where people tell that, when each baby is born, the gods tied their finger to piss an invisible red threadthat ends the little finger of his eternal love, which will know him at some point in adult life regardless of the way. It is said that this thread is so strong that it does not matter how much it stretches or stew. There are many versions of the same story, but the message is the same, you are predestined to a love by divine grace and once you arrive, you will feel it and you must fight to keep it.

Since if you do not, yet and being with someone else you will remain connected to your true love through the red thread. It cannot be denied that the legend is fantastic, and although there are many skeptics that maintain their opinions in reserve, no one can deny that in life certain events happen that leave us so amazement that they seem written. Obviously, we cannot say that the history of red thread is true because, it is just a legend, but paradoxically, it teaches us that there are so exact coincidences that obviously makes us ask ourselves if perhaps, the energies around us if they play a determining role inthe people we know and what we do with them.


Maybe, it is not a red son that you have tied to your finger, but a firm desire in the heart of finding a loved one who does not necessarily have to be a couple. Also, it can be that son who went to a foreign country for years or that friend who is disgusted by a misunderstanding and still strange. The fact is that your own thought attracts them and that thread called love puts who you need before you to express feelings. Everyone interprets it as they want, but, without a doubt, it is a story that leaves us beautiful reflections and makes us believe in love once again.  

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