The Politicians And The Religion Of Spain, 2018 Situation

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The politicians and the religion of Spain, 2018 situation

I will include in this essay the politicians and religion of Spain and my opinion of what is happening in 2018.  

Spain declared that it does not support the resolution Parliaments of the European Union as the prohibition of palm oil was launched. It would be counterproductive in the country’s biodiesel industry. The Minister of Plantation Industries and Basic Products Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong, said he had recently met with Daniel Navia Simón. After the MAH meeting said that the Spanish government declared that it does not support the prohibition of palm oil.   

Now, this is because the renewable energy directive violates free trade aspirations of the World Trade Organization. In a statement, Mah do welcome to the Spanish government’s commitment to reject the prohibition of palm oil. If this statement became an EU legislation, any alternative to replace palm oil would be counterproductive at a very large cost. 

Oil palm importers in Spain have hope that the Malaysian government will continue to oppose the resolution of the EU Parliament to prohibit palm oil.   Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras which means ¨Martes Gordo¨ in French, is more associated with wild parades, costumes with colors, and a lot of alcohol. This festival begins in Epiphany, the party is held in January 6 (it is held in Latin America and Spain as three Kings Día.) These vacations have believed the United States when a French explorer were placed in the south during the 17. 

When Christianity became the official religion of Rome. Religious leaders decided to incorporate these popular traditions into the new faith, others Vein to Mardi Gras as a unique holiday for Christianity. Many Christians do not agree if the devotee continues to participate in these rituals and if this party would be included in the Christian calendar   

In conclusion, this was one of the things that was happening recently in Spain, and I think that the EU leaves Spain to export to palm oil because if not Spain will lose a lot of money and affect its economy enough, and religion of Mardi Gras must go on the calendar because communities around the world celebrate it even in New Orleans.  

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