The Political In The Renaissance During The Nineteenth Century

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The political in the Renaissance during the nineteenth century

For the nineteenth century in the city of Florence it is where this moment of history began, where new forms of thought and relationships were formed from the fields of arts, politics, philosophy and science, replacing medieval teocentrism withAnthropocentrism. It is the proliferation of new landowners or bourgeois who encourage this new way of thinking, since the above was a dark and medieval era. A regime was maintained in which strategic allies can be created, the reigns that maintained this new form were Spain, England and France.

The economy, religion and linguistics were fundamental in change, these elements also transcend to formulate more reason and logical thoughts than the ideas that Protestantism or religion suggested, concluding that theology differs from philosophy, isSo that together with political strategies, Renaissance thought arises, with a view to territorial and cultural atonement.

The Renaissance is then the basis for the reforms that are established in the structure of the kingdoms, going to a policy that establishes order, that creates a functional trade system and seeks to maintain the regime. This gives way to the appearance and dissemination of the "State", proposed by Nicolás Machiavelli, where parameters are established so that the sovereign keeps the throne and some subjects in compliance. Knowing that the "prince" is a text of advice for a monarchical government and keeps in security and peace of the wild evil that he would stalk of not maintaining the order and fulfillment of Prince’s orders, this government of princes to the people is marked by theological virtuesand Morales, the same ones that only favor the king.

It would be the possibility of participation of the common citizen in a life of political praxis, where he a good education, maintaining a good rhetoric and knowing philosophy affirmed the chances of maintaining status and forming logics of reasoning.

Social relations were hierarchical in the sense of nobility and clergy, bourgeoisie and the peasant. This structure where an army, diplomatic relations, commerce and banking were also included, improved the monarchical state and gave rise to new ways of thinking even that they left several of the rebirth such as several thinkers of the time and artists such as Leonardo da Vinci or ofCopernic. 

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