The Pillars Of Teamwork Satisfaction

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The pillars of teamwork satisfaction

An essential condition for all health professionals and, especially, nurses is teamwork; Although, unfortunately it is a situation that is not met in all healthcare centers. Although there are many causes, communication failures, the competitive environment, the high rotation of personnel and the hierarchical structure of power are usually the main causes of dysfunctional health services; Therefore, a deep review of the subject is necessary.

Teamwork satisfaction

Teamwork implies coordination in the work of a group of individuals for the execution of a common project. This implies that each team member has their established role and all have the same importance in the restoration of patient’s health. However, for a team to function properly, a series of conditions must be met:

  • Effective communication: which commonly fails due to the high rotation of guard teams.
  • Leadership: In every team there must be a leader who coordinates the operation of all other members. Regarding this point, it is important that the person who has this role, either by seniority or merits, participates in constant training courses to direct the team in a positive way.
  • Confidence in the other: It is important that all team members be able to carry out their activities correctly and with the least number of errors. The lives of patients depend on it.
  • ASERTIVITY: It is essential that conflict resolution is carried out quickly and effectively so that the operation of the equipment does not affect.
  • Team cohesion: All members must have their functions specified and perform them effectively, coordinating with their peers at all times.
  • Work environment: One of the most frequent observations is work in health centers is heavy; And it is true, the days are long, the breaks are scarce and we work under a lot of pressure. Therefore, it is important to reduce these labor tensions to the extent.


Nurses are the fundamental piece that allows all gears to move, so the achievement of a harmonious and functional work team is necessary for the proper functioning of health services. For this, it is necessary for managers to promote interpersonal relationships, equity, transparency and recognition among team members.

However, we know that making structural modifications in the institutions is an arduous and not always satisfactory task, we can all become change agents to improve the functioning of our work teams; For example, implementing systems that improve communication between guard shifts, attending workshops on assertiveness, and actively collaborating in conflict resolution. 

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