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The book Art of War on Tzun, military strategist, philosopher and general of the former China, is calculated that it was written by 400 to.C. and 320 a.C. It is about the philosophy of war in this sense the art of war implies that war and deception are hand in hand and no matter how strong the enemy is, if you are smarter and you manage to deceive him victory canbe yours for these factors which are as important as knowing your enemy their weaknesses and at the same time yours without this shocking in your plans having to be a perfect mutual harmony in all these foundations.

Although this book was oriented in the application in war conflicts, this can be used in politics perfectly or in any facet of life since this is based on the principles of conflict in general and does not focus on just the issue of war, since it has a wide margin of application in any field in which there can be conflict, because it focuses on the wide field of possibilities, clearly the teachings of the book cannot be literally used as it says whether not to use it with different applications in lifecivil, labor or political.

Even if you are capable, muestral disability even in the simplest tasks since this will cause the enemytragic for anyone who underestimate their enemy.

Another tactic is to attack when they are not prepared, this leads to take your enemy by surprise without warning that is, to make me believe that you are retiring when you are true preparing you to attack, this type of tactics can disorient the enemy and with it deceive itwhich will lead you to a higher possibility of getting victory.

One of the tactics most mentioned by Tzun is to create disorder in their strength and attack them which implies creating disorder through tricks among their ranks even leading to rebellion among their allies another who shares roots is whether they are united, make them separateCAUSE Fury among your allies.

The conquered being is inside you and the conquered being is inside the enemy, as well as who occupies the battlefield first and waits for the enemy will be comfortable and who occupies the battlefield later and must run towards the conflict will be fatigued.

Those who get the enemy to surrender without having the need to fight those can be called true masters of the art of war since they achieve the complete surrender of the enemy with only intellectual machinations.

A key aspect of the art of war is to be able to improve the art of deception to perfection, in the military strategy to draw strategies that confuse the enemy, that make it difficult for him to and provide for the direction of your actions at all times, through deception and aboutAll surprise by winning the enemy without this being reacting on time.

The importance of the General know their advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses, it is also importantthe victory.

The importance of information is vital to win the battle and having spies in the enemy camp and looking for valuable or privileged information can affect a lot in the result of a battle and not having information would be a serious error in your military or even political strategies.

The general has to have the confidence of his allies and more important than his subordinates since without it military actions would not be 100% effective compared to the fact that if he had absolute confidence between his lines and among his closest allies and above allThe absolute security so that this does not lead to a betrayal by its most close compatriots since if this failed there could be rebellion, lack of discipline and distrust.

It also talks about the increase in market prices for the arrival of more people is the same to more demand with this phrase "the proximity of an army makes prices increase and high prices exhaust people’s substance".

Thus, the army is established by deception, moves through the advantage and changes through dispersing and gathering, thus its speed is like the wind, its slowness is like the forest, motionless is like the mountains, it would be othersOf his many phrases.

Implying in very few words that the knowledge of the land is very important since a bad movement in battle could end in a bad position of his army and giving an advantage to the enemy which could involve the defeat due to lack of good planningGeographic.

The nature of the army is to emphasize the speed, take advantage of the enemy’s absence;Travel on non -anticipated roads, and attack when they are not alert.

Always try to get the lead in everything and above all benefit in the errors of the enemy which would lead to good information either of land, privileged and anticipation of their movements that would imply having a complete control of the battlefield at all times even withoutget to cross weapons with the enemy you would achieve advantage and through the economic defeat your enemy.

The use of concepts as if you know your enemy know yourself, it leads you to know you first of all to you first to know what your weaknesses are and thus amend them, and for which you will end up overcoming your enemies.

With this we can conclude that the book Art of the War of Tzun is a book that emphasizes you to stay informed first of all about information and preparation in any type of conflict, as we can now see the tactics of the book are currently usedIn economic, political, social and military businesses.

Having this in mind this book is used as a guide for competitive careers which always imply conflict for the same and helps you understand how to be patient and wait, to have the intelligence of acting in a sensible way and at the right time foreverget victorious to any adversity you have in your life.  

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