The Periods That Athens Crossed

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The periods that Athens crossed


The formation of Athens. Solon and Clístenes. The sources have very well documented periods, but in between we do not have information that tells us what happened. The pre-solonian Athens: this polis per attic, in a classical era, but we do not have the processes of this whole, being one of the most extensive that is considered a mythical hero to the formation. When we analyze more specific sources it is very long and conflict, of sovereignty being very complex and that is not linear. Where hegemony in the domination of Athens until the seventh century, as axis or as an attic pole, has rival in the attic own.


It is seen in subsequent information such as the Eleusis region that was independent. They were in the orbit of Athens, in a conflict or negotiation being the protagonists are the elites not the communities, according to the relationships according to the elites want. Tribes your organization. Geleontes;Agicoreis;Argadeis;Hopple. Areopago (advice): being the oldest being the place where they meet next to the agora, their functions are unknown at this old moment, but you can rebuild. In classical times they are still of religious origin. At first it is a court of the most serious crimes.

Ekklesía (Assembly): As a popular assembly that has already been established, an assembly cannot be rebuilt in classical era. They shoot in the 15th century, it does not have such a strong decision. Arcantes: being an older magistracy where he is heading, being the leader. We have the oldest. Eponym: Name a year and those who have writings, collide with other archons their functions and we do not know well as it was, with the representation of the Athenian world. Representative figure as memory or memory being the highest that could be reached. Basileus: religious functions, higher graduation priest and would have to make the most important rites.

Polemarco: Military Commander, direct the troops. Thesmothetes: Towards the seventh century, he joins him as judges of the same category. The character makes the position, not the position to the character. Anatomy of the individual in office, lasting only one year. These three arcantes are the oldest. Families that are turned to the different positions, speaking of the eupátridas, being the aristocracy in Athens. With a training like the one we have seen, with your requirement. We know that it occurs because it looks in information that brings us. Also for crisis responses. CILÓN: Mount a tyranny in Athens, in the acropolis giving the center of Athens. 

That he was a winner of Olympia being rich, but he will not get because his enemies is an Alcmeónid family being Megacles who was a very important person, because he kills Cylon. Then one of his descendants pericles looks the sacrilege of his ancestors. The coup attempt is with the ideas of the 5th century. The links established are very important giving with a neighboring tyrant. Continues because 10 years older a mediator like this is needed, with prestigious individuals specifically so that they measure. Dracon: With classical era inscriptions, being the snake. 

This appellation has been preserved in the sources and some of these fragments of laws are in late sources and is like judging in a conflictive case for homicide and which has been preserved. Being very severe in procedures and punishments. Solonian reforms: Being Solon who is better recognized because he is known as one of the parents of ancient Greece, being a superimporting change with great influence, until he reached his exile for 10 years, but he did not want him to press them. We do not need to repair everything. Sixachteia heketmori: general cancellation of debts.

It seeks to free the debt with the strip of citizens who are on the limit, who has lost their debts. They return to the citizen condition, renewing and reintegrating that they have been able to request it.  Timocratic reform: it is the establishment of a census, we refer in a series of classes in wealth, in this type of organizations. They are sought how to measure it, as an objective way with the measure of the earth being more durable. Ways to measure it are sought. To any measure of both liquid or aggregates. These census structures to establish the elite, for when we reach an income.

Because among the tes that the legislator does not give and does not need to differentiate. As we estimate being conflicting, with the old performance produce 200 measures per year you have to have 8 to 10 hectares of land. It competes with the Areopago, being temporary 400 as 100 members of the tribes with a more prolonged rotation where it goes to the bullet on the previous one, being the popular courts. A series of cases being more ordinary, Political Reform (Boule Helíaia): Helaia in the popular, in these courts they are designated by raffle being greatly massive. Tyranny (s. VI a.C.). Pisstrate (561, 556, 546-527): He has an alliance for Heracles and when he finishes he must leave Athens.

At this time the attic. The problem he has, with his own elites because he can return. He returns with allied troops, being mercenaries with individuals to attack in the battle of Palene 546 to 20 km where he imposes to exile the Almeonides (as they are going), he leads for 20 years, at the end of his life by type of problem. In that leadership, in the new tyrants. A few more years, being or authentic splendor, beautification with war type ceramics being a great industry. It is not seen in these scenes, necropolis being supplying an external market. Pisistratidas its moderate tyranny descendants, being soft not hard. 

In 514 one of the brothers is killed, in the palatenea area where the brothers is radicalized being the purges. Giving an act of liberation with tinicides. There are sculptural groups that do. Tyranny has rivaled and it is not good because they had made their enemies not against them. In the Greek exiles who will return. Hipias and Hiparco. Clisthenic reforms: give 10 tribes taken by removing the native 4. When the internal conflict has no solution, an external alliance is called. It causes the departure of the tyrants of antiquity, the elite competition resumes ". 

There are two one isocrates that we do not know and the other is clístenes that are disputing the power of the family already spoken. "Speaking that attracts the people do so". Speaking of three generations after being the first Athenian leader towards a democratic strategy. We only know Herodotus and what he says or how it is carried out. Clístenes is put by his rival and without having any position, the approval of reforms of the lower -political cosmetic political planning is given, then what there is no less for these measures in two years giving a revolution.

Tribal reform replace the 4 tribes of Athens, being the characteristic of the ordering with another ten new tribes giving their eponic heroes that give it names, organizing the Athenians in those ten. Three geographical areas granted: Plain, Costa and Montaña. You take as measure the settlement or demos, being larger or smaller generate units of those villas with the same demographic power. Take a group of a geographical area giving a third calling it Tritys, as with other geographies accumulating ideas, together with them that make the tribe and then more and more each geographical region, looking for a balance between them.

These tribes that do not have to give geographically together will be politically together. The ordering of 10 tribes, what is reformed is the Bule that is not 400 but 500, giving 50 of each tribe, but now it is a territorial organ that is represented. Another element of the political reform of a new magistracy with 10 troops strategist commanders of each of the tribes, but is lost in the 10th century. Being the new polemarco archon commanders, it begins to lose functions since the 5th century, we have people like pericles that enter directly. Ostracism is given to Clístenes, but it is not given, although it begins since the 5th century.


The term comes from Ostrakon being a piece of ceramics, being a political measure that is called like this: being a preventive punishment for anyone who can go against balance to society for 10 years of exile. Having to leave up to 10 times, to take you from the film or influence politics, but do not lose in the right of attic law. There is no specific vote, it was not given, but there is a motion that is voted, in writing giving the name on the ballot. The problem that writes gives in illiterate societies, being very optimistic 5%, but it is possible, with abuse and irregular. Brought written from home or professional scribes that put it.

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