The Period Of Ancient Age, The First Civilizations

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The period of ancient age, the first civilizations


Ancient age is a historical era that coincides with the emergence and development of the first civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.), also known as ancient civilizations. According to historiography, the beginning of this period is marked by the emergence of writing (around the year 4000 to.c.), which also represents the end of prehistory. According to this historical periodization system, the ancient age extends the emergence of writing, to the fall or collapse of the Roman Empire of the West, due to the barbarian invasions of the 5th century. Would have last 5500 years. 

Antiquity is the first period on which a relatively accurate historiography can be carried out thanks to the fact that writing allows us to obtain documents on historical facts, customs and beliefs. We know that the history of humanity was divided into different periods where we can locate the most important events of the human being;Ancient age is no exception. It was one of the longest periods and that includes the discovery, not only of new technologies that made man’s life easier, but also the discovery of how the universe worked, the mechanism of what surrounded man, as well as theOrganization of the human being in society. 

The existing civilizations during this period of history were those that shared the same area as their culture expanded. Many of the factors that allowed it was trade, the routes that were drawn to it and the use of marine resources to explore new limits. The empires that highlighted during this historical section were: Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. 


  • The use of writing allowed us. They were a town of extensive expansion that dominated the agricultural trade as a subsistence and commercial activity, in addition to the art of war and diplomatic treatment to maintain internal peace as a nation. 
  • Primitive cribs were used for newborns to rest. They were built of meshes and tied at a low floor height. As for the adults of the working class they slept in rough beds made of wood that generally had a measure of almost two square meters. Although the materials and finishing of these objects was uncomfortable, their constitution was ideal due to the climatic conditions of the time. 
  • The teaching of other languages such as Greek was a symbol of prestige in ancient societies, so it is not surprising that when reaching the age of seventeen a young man knew more than one language. In addition, Greek management would allow you to have access to classical currents taught by great philosophers. For those who wanted to lead a life as servers to deities there were tutors who taught members of both sexes. In this way, future priests and priestesses were formed.

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