The Perfume: The Shocking Story Of Jean Baptiste Grenouille

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The perfume: the shocking story of Jean Baptiste Grenouille

On July 17, 1738, in the most horrible place in Paris, Jean Baptiste Grenouille was born between the waste, it was one of the hottest days of the year, it expanded as a melted lead on the cemetery and extended to the streets, smelled ofA mixture of rotten melons and burned horn, her mother was a young woman he was between 25 years old and 4 times her other children had to die, she thought about letting him die among the waste, but the baby’s crying was very strong andGesting, she is judged, detained and hanged for committing the crime of infanticide.

Baldini bought Grenouille for 20 francs, this did to get all his talent, for 3 years, he learned to distill in order to extract the aroma of flowers, but discovers that it can only extract the aroma in a single form. In the last year Grenouille travels to Provence, and that is where he learned to extract the aroma of flowers in different ways, only with 25 francs that Baldini gave him, he dies with his wife, since his house collapsed.

Grenouille travels south, where he had hope to learn new techniques to extract the oils from flowers and thus be able to achieve his goal. When leaving Paris, he discovers a world without a human smell. The pleasure caused by this world broke on the day that produces its own smell, then continues to walk south, after a while it arrives in Montpellier, the marquis of the tailade-space takes it under protection and with the permission thatbe able to compose a perfume which simulates your own smell so that it can be accepted by society.

Grenouille after being arrested for killing 24 young virgins, and killing Laura, to complete his most precious perfume, they condemn him to a slow death, then he returns to Paris, where it seems to be repeated the day he was born, at nightHe goes to the place where he was born and mixes with the people who were there, condemned to death, disappoint the content of all perfumes on his head and makes people believe it is the presence of an angel, people are peopleThey go crazy and shout is an angel! After this they throw them and hug him, after they are scrambled they devour him erasing him from the face of the earth, they all return to their homes with feelings of extreme happiness and realize that they have done something for true love. 

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