The People And The Great City

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My beautiful land and big city. Punas are very close to taita inti the blue sky that makes my heart shine and the cold wind that gives life to my lungs my earth pretty the most natural smile, of my deep Peru. Tile roofs, adobe or brick walls and the widest streets other narrow ones, the houses are built in a disorderly way. And I, with my heart in my hand, and unable to do anything, so that my beloved people do not have any resemblance to the big city. It is not that I don’t like the big city;Its squares, the pools, the colonial streets, are beautiful! As a city;However, the bustle, the cars, the constructions do not please me.


The Taita Inti has conversations with the apus. One day the Apu Hatun Marca asked Taita Inti to know the city, learn new languages. -I am tired of always being in the same place, I want to know that there is beyond these hills, I already got tired of being always the same;Then, the Taita Inti replied, but you cannot let your children homeless, they need you, then the Apu Hatun Marka came up with one of his children and agreed that outside that way. The Apu Hatun Marka took part of his guts and formed a son of his human form.

The name of this was Uchuy Marka and led his son to live with a family of the town so that he grew up with them, Hatun Marka could observe and feel everything his son experienced. Celia was chosen to be Uchuy Marka’s new mother, by Apu Hatun Marka. In the morning Celia introduced Huchuy Marka with her two 12 -year -old Juan and Julia, Julia, just like Uchuy. Celia occurred to her new son at school, so she would learn new things, on Monday morning Huchuy Marka went to school accompanied by her mother, who left her in charge of her teacher (Yachay). 

Children, listen to all, today we have a new partner, Huchuy Marka and I want him to hear him, so far Huchuy could only say some words in Spanish, in a trembling voice, he introduced himself to his companions. Imainallan Kashankichis, Sutiymi Huchuy Anchata munakuiquichis, all in the room released a laugh mocking Huchuy, but he did not understand the reason for laughter. Kids!- They should not make fun of a person, said the teacher, so everyone shut up. What Senso is this, Manuel told Carlos while the latter moved his head. During recreation all surrounded Uchuy Marka to ask some rigor questions that every new student should answer.

Before he could answer, he asked after question his teammates to stun him, where are you coming from?, Carlos said, how old are you?, Do you have parents?, You have a lot of money?, To what Uchuy did not respond, due to the push -pushes he received from each of his companions. A short time later, despite being learning, he almost perfectly understood anything;However, his heart purity did not allow him to understand some that were very strange. José, Celia’s husband, worked in a carpentry and Huchuy Marka’s companions did not miss the opportunity to ask questions, Mr. José and that son of his.

Where did you get it, is she son of your sister -in -law Empress?, Empress is 50 years old and is single not being spoiled, said José. Everyone released a laugh, my son Juan did not tell them, that Huchuy Marka is my son and Celia, came with my brother Abel for a couple of days to know the community and go to the big city, a liar!, LOL! You must be your son with Silvana’s daughter, but don’t they say she had aborted her son?, No Raulito, heard that he had given his son to a gringo, Silvana has such beautiful eyes! The happiness drawn on the face of Huchuy Marka upon arriving home was immense.

Mom, I learned many things at school I have many friends they play with me at recess, they play with me, they don’t call me from my name, they tell me Opa, which means that, the looks of Juan and Julia said everything, some came out someHow many tears of Celia’s eyes, my son your heart is so pure and noble. Then Celia sighed from the deepest of her being, hugging her son said: What they told you means that you are intelligent, strong, and very brave as your father Hatun Marka, with sorrow in soul Celia lied toHis son, of the evil of his classmates. Uchuy fell his body and raised his head and shouted, I’m brave!, I am brave!.

While Juan and Julia looked at their half -brother, with much nostalgia how innocent it was. Hatun Marka watched her son happy and proudly who saw her every day, every minute every, second of her life. So time passed until the day came to go to the big city to visit that wonderful place they talked about. That wonderful place where the houses looked like giant cement trees, where there were more cars than animals, by then Huchuy Marka spoke and perfectly understood the Quechua and Spanish, but said that he did not understand much Spanish.

The big day arrived, to leave for the city, José’s family began to pack their bags for the big trip, all ruffled made their bags, mom where my hat is, mom where my pants is, Celia dear, where you put my shirt, all me, only me, said Celia, each of you should have everything ready, from now on you will wash, cook you will do the homework, but dear as I am going to be if I come tired of working when arriving when arrivingI have to rest home. Your Juan are going to rest for a while, but then you help me with the homework of the house said: Celia. Touch touc, mom, I’m ready what time we’re going to leave. They should learn from Huchuy that he does everything alone.


You don’t need me to do your homework. Then everyone left for the big city, everyone was calm except Huchuy Marka. Upon reaching the big city, the first thing we observed were the cars that passed from one place to another and that people circulate freely, they also made too much noise, I think that was not many animals, and the worst thing is that they votedDark smoke that when the whim was as if my guts burned inside and my lung stopped taking oxygen, this was his desire to know the world instead of my father would be his eyes and ears, but above all it would be his heart. A heart full of love and innocence, which together with his family lived unique moments and learned the value of love.

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