The Passion Of Jealousy In The Couple

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The passion of jealousy in the couple

Jealousy are and will always be present throughout the human species, have fulfilled specific functions for man such as survival. It is possible that the so -called "normal" jealousy are even necessary, sometimes to demonstrate the other the reciprocity in the love between the two. But from there it is very possible to pass, on certain occasions, of these normal jealousy to sick or even pathological jealousy, which for obvious reasons are not adaptive and can destroy the entire relationship itself.

Jealousy such as love, hatred or pleasure are natural emotions that will always occur in every interpersonal relationship. This does not distinguish races or cultures is presented both in women and in men and the age in which they are experienced are not predetermined, so jealousy will exist between brothers, couple jealousy, a friend or friend, evenof co -workers … of everything we can imagine.

This work will focus on couple jealousy since it is an issue that until today remains in controversy, because cases are currently known, either on television or social networks, ill -treatment or evenmurders in which the main impulse for these irrational behaviors are jealousy towards the person they say they love. To develop the subject, articles and studies will be worth relevant information about its origin its manifestation and other relevant data that will help to know something more about this feeling that is not appropriate when it occurs excessively or is obsessive.

As I said previously the subject of jealousy has remained in controversy today. These manifest in relationships, commonly with a couple, and at least all or the vast majority have ever been victims of this disease.

Some times insecurity in ourselves, sometimes what others tell us others what we see what we imagine or the simple distrust that we have to the couple is basically what causes us to feel jealous;If we ever failed us, we are likely to distrust other people /relationships, and if we do not have enough confidence in ourselves as we can do them with others? How to do it with the person you love?

Jealousy is constituted as that opposite to trust and these can be presented from the beginning, in the course or even at the end of the relationship. They represent one of the natural emotions and in turn one of the most harmful, dark and uncomfortable that could exist. It is known that this feeling is since ancient times, taking it as a very recurring example in Roman mythology, Juno (goddess of marriages and births) when he felt jealous of her husband’s love her serenity was transformed into punishment towards men, even in storiesof the Bible, where a number of times appears as an evil in men.

For Shakespeare, jealousy were "the monster of green eyes" which destroys love and annihilates the beloved person;For Machado de Assis "jealousy is doubt, a gloom between fantasy and reality, which leads a person to madness".

The jealousy that they feel in the couple is the most common and to which the vast majority refers since many have lived or felt in their time. This is because jealousy is like the envy and selfishness of a person I feel attracted to another person of the same genre, that is, a man in love more his wife more another man in love with the same woman or vice versa, resulting in jealousy. This causes the sanity and prudence of our actions to be lost, leading us to arranges of fury and anger that we even did not know.

We know that it is very difficult not to feel them, but in some people you feel this for reasons that do not even exist, imagine or listen to the babbling of others further filling this feeling.

In couples these jealousy are transformed into pathological jealousy when one of them intends to be the whole for the other, this is because it is impossible;In this desire to achieve this is when obsessive controls, harassing and inevitably violence begin. Since pathological jealousy brings violence, even if not only physical, since fighting your partner in such a state is to exercise violence towards it.

The end of this occurs in cases where the "jealous" reaches a point of possessiveness towards his partner culminating in the crime towards it, thus destroying the badly called beloved object.

To conclude with this work in which I have chosen the subject of jealousy in the couple, for being an interesting and full of enigmas, I will conclude on it and the information found on it, so that asmall personal vision.

Perhaps something fundamental and that we must not miss is the individual form of each one when interpreting things, since just as it happens with these jealousy, it happens with other emotions, such as the fact that the same situation produces for a true personstress and another.

It is possible that the personality is a good argument in favor of developing this type of emotion, and at least in my opinion, it is that when the jealousy of a subjective experience is treated, no matter how empathy we have, it is very difficult to get into the place ofThe jealous person, because his idea of a specific situation will make him look for causes and explanations to his jealousy where in many cases there are no.

For which I believe that to avoid this type of situations, the best is the dialogue between both parties, to determine why the jealous feels like that, since usually this origin of jealousy is due to lack of self – esteem, personal insecurity orTHE COMPULSIVE NEED TO RECEIVE ATTENTION.


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