The Pakhal Lake: A Natural Beauty

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The Pakhal Lake: A Natural Beauty


In India wonderful places await you, many more than you imagine. Many are natural, and others are due to the action of man. Specifically, today we will discover a lake of artificial origin that was born for agricultural purposes. This is Lake Pakhal, currently a tourist place to spend a great day surrounded by nature. Get ready! Discovering Lake Pakhal, India Lake Pakhal is a lake of artificial origin that is located in the district of Warangal, a state of southern India. The closest city that this lake is Warangal, one of the most famous in the country in terms of cultural heritage.


Lake Pakhal was born from an order from the great King Kakatiya, one of the rulers of the dynasty of the same name that reigned in India between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. Specifically, the governor ordered to build this lake around a deep forest so that the surrounding agricultural lands had water support. It is thought that the construction was carried out on the year 1213. Centuries ago this mass of water was considerable, although approximately 30 square kilometers are currently preserved. Since then, the Hindu government has put a lot on its part to improve the lake using technology and engineering. In fact, a temple was built in the area and has worked to get Lake Pakhal not disappearing and is currently preserved. 

The forest that surrounds Lake Pakhal has a wide variety of animal and plant species. In fact, there they live from leopards to crocodiles, chameleons, snakes, lazy bears … What to do in the lake? Lake Pakhal is undoubtedly a very special visit in India, since not every day you can discover an artificial place with such beauty that it seems that it has always been there. In addition, on the banks of this lake you will find both a forest and a sanctuary, so everything around it will call your attention. 

If you need it, in the surroundings of the lake there is a food store. Once there, we advise you to walk along the banks of the lake and pay attention to its clear and quiet waters, with the perfect reflection of the blue sky. In fact, a colored bath is formed during the sunsets that is perfectly reflected in Lake Pakhal, resulting in an incredible panoramic view of photographing. You can also take the opportunity to make a Picnic or Fisheries, since many animal species in their waters live. 

He also enjoys a small route through the forest and immerse yourself in landscape density. Although, yes, do it for the enabled areas! But above all, do not leave the Pakhal lake without having heard the sound of nature, calm, fresh air and wild animals in the forest. First of all, this place is designed to rest and forget the daily stress. And what better way to do so surrounded by an incredible nature! How to get there? To travel to Lake Pakhal you will have to go to Warangal. We advise you to visit the city and its monuments and to travel to the lake is a way to close your trip to this region of southern India. 

Warangal is located 50 kilometers from the lake, although the closest is Narsampet, located 10 kilometers. If you need it, you can stay there once you have visited the lake. Another next city is Hanumakonda, located 40 kilometers from the lake. Why visit Lake Pakhal? After everything we have explained to you, if you are not determined to visit Lake Pakhal, let us convince you that it can be a good plan to do on your trip to India. Of all it is known that Hindu culture is very different from ours. 

Therefore, traveling to India will enrich our knowledge of the world, since we will take the opportunity to come into contact with different ways of thinking and conceiving life. In fact, the more we travel through India, the more different places we will discover and, with it, we will also learn more. If we go to one of the cities closest to Lake Pakhal, Warangal, we can discover one of the country’s most heritage places due precisely to the Kakatiya dynasty. Precisely, this dynasty is the one that ordered the construction of the lake. As you can see, everything is connected in this district of India, so if you want to know everything about this stage of the country you are in the ideal place.


In India you can do everything, from knowing temples and sanctuaries to knowing the natural places that will leave you amazing. All those who travel to India forever remember their stay. A different country in flavors, colors, culture and landscapes. And in Lake Pakhal you have a demonstration of how much this country has to tell you. Get ready for a different experience and fall in love with the Hindu country and its wonders!

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