The Origin Of Democracy In Greece

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The origin of democracy in Greece

Ancient Greece had an extremely important development at the beginning, this is what most people know, but not all are aware of how this important event ends in the history of mankind. One of the events that were part in the conclusion of Athenian democracy, was: the Penteconcia. Penteconcia is the term given to the period of time from the Second Medical War to the Peloponnese war, it also includes the golden age of Athenian democracy. These two sub -events are of great value since this was where everything began to deteriorate;The Second Medical War (478-480 A.C) It consisted that King Jerjes de Persia wanted to take over all Greece. At first, the Persians managed to beat and loot the Athenians but the leader of Athens, Temístocles, finally defeated the Persian fleet. This implies that Athens was prepared enough for confrontations and disagreements that were presented.

Then came the Pelopononese war, occurred from 404 – 431 to.C, the conflict gave between the Spartans and the Athenians. This war was given since in the year 445.C A treaty between Sparta and Athens was signed, Sparta would have power on land and athens on maritime space. There was a fault, this was that Athens grew in his space and made him close to the cities that belonged to Sparta, Sparta did not suffer damage for this but he was afraid of Athens becoming more powerful, which caused them to face andThe war was given. The main consequence was the fall of Athens, this city was of the strongest and most powerful and since then it failed to recover;suffered economically and in a nautical way.

Greek democracy is very important in its beginning and today. In its beginning since it achieved some of the goals that its characters wanted. At present, despite the fact that there are countries and regions where, unfortunately, democracy is not practiced, there are places where it is the basis of a successful government or political system. Democracy gives a voice and freedom of opinion to the people, which makes it essential for the execution of a correct and adequate command.  

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