The Necessary Education Or Utopia.

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The necessary education or utopia.


Education is a social experience that occurs in human life. Therefore, education must be considered in such a way: it constitutes the integral development of the student’s personality, allowing him to obtain global cultural, scientific, scientific and technological knowledge through the following channels, information and communication. The convenient use of technology and value formation allow humanity to immerse and increase productivity in today’s society that changes rapidly.


According to Delors, education is based on four pillars:

Learn to be

Includes the development of autonomy, self-control and the sense of responsibility to improve one’s own existence and continuously improve the way to become a collective.

Learn to know

Answer the question that the student needs general basic knowledge some specific knowledge and develop the ability to continually learn and create is to develop the need to learn throughout life and to communicate and share what he knows.

To learn to do

It consists of putting into practice what he learned in developing new competences to deal with the new needs of society and strengthening the ability to work as a team through an organized planning process Execution Control and self-assessment in order to have informeda total of the processes and the opportunity to correct errors in time and hate learning from error strengthening the capacities of cooperation and solidarity

To learn to live together.

Through the work together, each human being must develop in their childhood. The faculty communicate, discuss, confront their attitudes to carry out and to compat the norms and constantly strengthen values as autonomy Solidarity Respect Respect Tolerance Sincerity Sincerity Transparency Gratitude and so on

These four pillars must be organized at home and strengthening permanently at school, since if in either places their strengthening is broken. Education is destroyed


To end education, it is a process that develops throughout the existence in childanother and the group work that leads to the establishment of the human being so that in a society face the current individual and global tensions.

There are no difficult young people but an inappropriate education.

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