The Most Experimental Drama, Hamlet

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The most experimental drama, Hamlet

A acting impression would be for the public to be related to some of the characters and situations presented in a work. For Shakespeare the theater is a reflection of real life where the characters present their feelings, vices and virtues in their own atmosphere. "Life is a theater and we are the actors."- William Shakespeare.

There are many ways to read Hamlet, but the most accurate is not to take Hamlet as an avenger, because this will prevent us from forming a true idea of what he tries to say through his plot since Hamlet’s purpose is to form a mindopen capable of judging various situations of life.

For Shakespeare, the most important is oneself as an integral part of life and that is why he proposes monologues in Hamlet’s character: “I hope that this firm, so solid meat, sink and melted dew Rocío, or the Eternal would not have promulgated aLaw against suicide Ah, God, God, how angry, rancid, useless and inert the world’s habits seem to me!"I disgusted me!

Prince Hamlet represents the nobility and disaster of human consciousness. Hamlet seeks to identify yourself with him, he is not a metaphysical character but a representation of the human. Shakespeare demonstrates what imaginative literature can teach us: not how to talk to others. But how to talk to oneself.

The character of Hamlet is a villain-hero since "although I am not irascible or abrupt there is something dangerous that prudence will do well in Temer".

The Hamlet work has two plots: internal and external;The inmate refers to Hamlet’s ironic conscience since he is a very persuasive character;To the external we can refer to the people around him.

Hamlet is not a character who thinks too much, but thinks well. Has clearly visualizing passions and combining representation with the word.

Hamlet is not about revenge but the theatricality that until our times is still the most experimental and ever mounted drama. It is not sure of how to read this work, every time it is reread, the reader faces a different work. This complex drama demonstrates various passions and emotions in each reading, it is as if within it would be many works to be counted. For this reason this work is proclaimed theater within the theater. The vision regarding this drama will depend on the approach that one adopts. 

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