The Most Common Injuries In The World Of Football

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The most common injuries in the world of football

Soccer is the majority sport in many countries of the world, including Spain and several South American countries. Therefore, knowing the common injuries in football will help us know what we face and know how to prepare ourselves.

It is also important to keep in mind that football is a highly harmful sport. We make abrupt rhythm changes, we suck the ball, there are clashes between players, falls, jumps, etc.

The lower limb

Due to the way in which it is played, it is logical that almost all the lesions happen in the lower limb.

Hip, knee and ankle will be the most suffering joints. As for muscles, hammets, quadriceps and twins. And then we have the foot and ligaments. All are likely to get injured in a sport in which you have to constantly run behind the ball.


We will begin the common injuries of football with the sprains. It is an injury that occurs when a ligament stretches more than it can resist or too abrupt.

Within this type of injury, the most frequent sprains occur in the ankle. When an incorrect tread occurs, and instead of stepping on the sole of the foot we step on the outer edge. But we can also suffer a sprain in the side ligaments of the knee. Or in the cross ligaments, which we will talk about later.

Muscle injuries

Within this category, there are several types of muscle injuries that we can suffer playing football.

From contractures to elongations, going through tears and breaks. Any level of muscle injury is possible when we are running 90 minutes, changing rhythm, sucking and jumping. And as we have seen before, they are injuries that will mainly affect the muscles of the leg and the thigh.


In the knee two of the main serious soccer injuries occur.

First, we have meniscus injuries. This structure is likely to injure high -impact sports. That is, when there are jumps and clashes that abruptly compress the femur against the tibia.

Second, cross ligament breaks. These ligaments fulfill the vital function of preventing the knee joint from making abnormal movements. But if your knee twists while the foot is resting on the ground, the ligaments do not endure the tension and can break. It is an injury from which you have to fully recover yes or yes and that will keep the athlete section several months.


The bones are also likely to break in football. Mainly for clashes with other players, aggressive tickets or incorrect falls.

Fractures do not have to be as severe as it sounds a priori. There may be a microfracture, for example. In any case, you have to wait for a total consolidation to not risk a greater fracture.

Half-long term lesions

Due to the repetitive movements of football, other injuries also appear.

Pubalgies for example, or pathologies that affect the pubic zone such as pubis osteitis. These arise from the continued pulls of the musculature to the affected area.

On the other hand are stress fractures, in which a bone suffers microrost due to small impacts continued. All this without mentioning joint wear, bursitis or tendonitis. There are many common injuries in football

From all of the above it follows that we put many structures at risk when we play football. Especially if we practice it frequently, or if we are not properly prepared.

It is vital to be in a good physical form, even if it is to pacuita with friends from time to time. Having a good cardio base and a minimum of force will help prevent many injuries. And if we practice it in a followed way, we must try to include sessions from other disciplines to our routine. In this way, we rest to the structures that always suffer in football, and we work differently.

Finally, it is also important to highlight the role of warming. This must be an irreplaceable part when practicing football. Thus we ensure that the muscles have the necessary blood supply, that they are flexible and that the respiratory system is active enough.

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