The Man In Search Of Meaning

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The man in search of meaning


The man in search of meaning, this title, written by the author of German origin Viktor and. Frankl is a very shocking story, since he, tells the experiences he had when he was a prisoner in different concentration fields. In these circumstances still very terrifying, he conceives the idea that there must be a very valuable reason to preserve life.


The work is divided into two parts:

The first consists of narrating all your experiences within the different concentration fields to which it was sent. The second part recounts about the importance of logotherapy describing its ideas and theory about the meaning of this. It is believed that Frankl investigated during this time of captivity, that the strongest desire of man is to seek meaning and purpose for life.

Viktor Frankl was able to analyze how he and the other inmates of the Nazi field suffered in Auschwitz. He observed that men really comforted others. They even gave their food and really showed that life can take almost everything, but they cannot change their attitude towards her in any situation.

The prisoner became a unique type of person and was due to an internal decision. Life in the field was not a single influence. Only the prisoners who lacked strong internal control over their ethical being became victims of deterioration of the field environment. On the other hand, the prisoners who came out victorious from the sufferings and the hard experiences eventually turned them into a triumph.

Write about the three psychological reactions that the inmates of the field experienced largely:

  1. Shock after passing through the preliminary admission phase at the camp,
  2. Numbness after getting used to life in the camp, where the inmate values only what helps him and his companions to survive
  3. Reactions of resentment, moral disfiguration and disenchantment of life if you are lucky to survive and are released.


Upon arriving at the concentration camp for the first time they formed them separately to men and women, observed them in detail and those who saw weak or sick sent them to the side and the strongest towards the other. The weakest were sent to a kind of galley in which they were burned and the forts were sent to perform very heavy jobs, they slept in bunk beds, but very piled up which leads us to reflect the value that some had to their lives. Our answer to the questions of life must consist not in talking and meditating, but in the right action and behavior. In the end, living means assuming the responsibility of choosing the correct answer to the problems of life and fulfilling the tasks that it constantly gives to all.

In reading, he periodically asks you: What meaning does my life have? Even moves people who have not thought about. And for some of them it was an impatient search. It is not an easy question to ask, since each person will have a vision and meaning of life, it is a question that is not easy to answer. However, in the book that the author plays, explore this question in great detail and thoroughly.

The reason why the search for the meaning of man helps to understand the meaning of life is because in addition to the details of Frankl’s experience in the Nazi fields, the book also leads us to its philosophy.

Logotherapy, says that a primary motivating force that helps a person overcome any annihilating crisis is their constant search for meaning in life. Unlike other theories such as psychotherapy, logotherapy is futuristic. Try to help the person to discover the meaning of life and what will make their lives meaning or as the author said, life to be lived.

Frankl’s idea of finding meaning is in the midst of the greatest suffering. Other people in the Nazi field could not make sense in life because they wanted to flee from suffering and not just sit and understand it. Frankl does not say that suffering is important to find meaning in life, but says that understanding the meaning of life is possible even despite suffering. He discovered that most prisoners died when they were doing a less hard job and suffered more than the people who survived. The survivors were supposed to be the people who had a vision of a glorious future for them despite the horrible present. They believed they were looking for meaning in life and refused to give up despair. 

First, a cold and distant curiosity about the destiny itself was an aid for the prisoner. Soon there are behavior strategies aimed at preserving one’s life, although the possibilities of survival were extremely scarce. Hunger, humiliation, fear and indignation against injustice were only possible thanks to the images of loved ones, religion, the sense of black humor and even the beauty of nature: a tree or a sunset.


The life and experience of the prisoner in a concentration camp was finally only a remembered nightmare. Even when the fear of the Nazis was extreme, I knew I had nothing to fear, except ‘God’. The true meaning in Frankl’s life is to make others find its meaning. As a successful victim and survivor of the terrible Nazi concentration camp, his search for meaning prevented him from losing his last possession.     

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