The Incredible Expansion Of Mcdonald’S

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The incredible expansion of McDonald’s


Survival: Large companies are more likely to survive. They are less likely to fail and be assumed by another company. Economies of scale: large companies often enjoy economies of scale, which translate into greater benefits, greater returns and a healthier balance. Higher status – large companies have greater status than the smallest and can provide status to employees and can motivate managers and other employees. Market leader: McDonald’s is the market leader in fast food restaurants in most industrial world. 


By itself, McDonald’s can shape market habits, giving it a competitive advantage. Increased market share: large companies that have a large market share can control the market determining prices and deciding which services will be the industry standard. Opportunities: Thanks to globalization there will be more instruments, machines and different ways of developing food in the market, of which McDonald’s can decide why machinery to add based on its quality standards, in other words, acquire new technologies based on improving quality of their food. 

Having trained personnel, people committed to their work, will allow McDonald’s to grow in sales, users will choose to consume in a place with high quality standards thanks to the good management of human resources. The proposal of a company with good quality administration will allow McDonald’s. McDonald’s’s ability to adapt to changes in a globalized world. Will allow you to devise new proposals for the new market.

Therefore you will get more profits from the new added product. Weaknesses: At present, in the global market there are many proposals where consumers can choose the best restaurant that suits their needs, then it could be dismissed from their positioning as a leader in the fast food sector. McDonald’s customer demand is very large, as a result we have late care at peak schedules, where the company is congested orders. Threats: The expansion of McDonald’s and its system of preparing its food opened the entry of new competitors.

Knowing about the efficient system and good quality management management that McDonald’s possesses. Not all consumers agree with the products offered by the company, since they consider that they are not so healthy, because their menu contains fried foods and high sugar content (elements considered harmful to health). What generates complaints and could be a great threat to McDonald’s sales. 

This monograph was carried out in order to analyze and answer the research question: to what extent the total quality management model contributed to the growth of McDonald’s? After thoroughly investigating the total quality management model of McDonald’s and the measures implemented to obtain the total trust of each of the four components that make up the model, analyze the customer satisfaction for the service provided and the reward of the hard work of The company reflected in the amount of sales. Giving rise to excellent economic results and therefore enormous growth. 

The way in which McDonald’s has increased the number of restaurants around the world has been evidence client. As a consequence, we can currently show an optimal financial statement, in other words it is the result of the great reception of the consumers of the model adopted by the company.  So we can say that the total quality management model contributed to the growth of McDonald’s, including the safety of other components -employees. 

Suppliers, society- that contribute significantly when executing the aforementioned model. Then, McDonald’s finally obtains the purpose of the companies, growth and return of the capital invested, a fact that differentiates the company of the other competitors in the fast food restaurants sector, because of the good attention from the employees, the Perfect relationship between the price and quality of products. These give rise to consumers prefer. 

This is because they do not use the necessary techniques based on customers, a factor that decreases their interest from people by choosing a place that gives them excellent service and quality. In 2003, McDonald’s served an average of 47 million customers a day. In 2008, our average increased to 58 million customers per day, an increase of approximately 25 % in just five years. Obtaining an increase of 31.3% in income, 28.7% in sales, 37.6% in income and 38.8% in franchise sales. In 2008 the average was 58 million daily customers while in 2013 70 million customers were increased per day. 

A 45.7% growth in customer demand. Achieving a growth of 16.3% in income, 12.3% in sales, 24.6% in income and 22.9% in franchise sales. Finally, it is pertinent to emphas of surveys or interviews with customers, employees, suppliers and society in general, which would result in the probable weaknesses of work. 


On the other hand, in respect of the balances, it was intended to see the growth of the company from its start year (1940) to the present (2019) but no old data of the company were found due to the change in those times, There was no clarity in the balances, at the beginning 1940 it was just a restaurant that was later sold a part of the company to Ray Krock in 1950, who converted a local restaurant into a franchise restaurant.    

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