The Importance Of Literature Throughout History

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The importance of literature throughout history


In the first place it is necessary to make it clear that literature has been present throughout history through all the literary genres of all times and it is through it that we know the feeling, the fears and the most intimate needs of thehuman being.

Literature is revealing for this reason, it is necessary to explore literature due to its high degree of influence in the role that develops in context. This is how it should be clear that literature allows usa variety of works which are more intense, the most finished, the most enduring, and helps to have a better knowledge of ourselves.

All authentic literature is committed literature, at least to the extent that all authentic literature aspires to change the world by changing the perception of the reader’s world, which is the only way in which literature can change the world. (Montoya, 2016).

From the above, literature should be considered as a bias and orientations that, although it recognizes its complexity. That is, in the literature, it is necessary to emphatically examine the predominance of the text in the acquisition of cognitive, cultural and aesthetic competences framing in the knowledge of the real and natural world, also, it is also important to observe literature from semiotics and structuralism andThis way will allow to cover the real, cultural and ideological signs from the presentation of an interactive structure and thus achieve the close text-llector relationship resulting in significance, as something referenced by a pedagogy of meaning.

Given this, it is interesting to mention an important fact about the role of literature in human formation, which is a fundamental entity that helps us to nurture the soul and mind, in this sense, seeks to awaken the imagination, acquire newperceptions of the world, life and others. Literature is undoubtedly a bridge between one’s own thoughts and the thoughts of someone else and when you see an instrument for loneliness, that is why it provides us with the point of view of other people about reality, which for me isimportant since it admits to expand our perception about it and allows us to know ourselves better.

In addition, literature suggests and feeling at the same time, expanding imagination. This leads us to literature in human formation allows the reader to enter a world of certainties, and a series of didactic possibilities. Therefore, the main function that this presents in human formation is that of deep truth, this is how this is responsible for developing our own ideas, this at the same time develops critical thinking. Meanwhile, just as man has evolved, literature has also done so, and at the same time this has relevant its relevance in the life of human beings. First of all literature plays a significant role since it is a tool that allows man to capture through written art different trends, manifestations, among others.

Through human formation, literature is one of the tools that man uses over the years to express and leave a legacy to the rest of humanity. For this reason, the role of literature is one of the most important because through this it has allowed humanity to know societies, which is absolutely necessary for the life of a human being.

Finally, from literature the abstraction of reality through language is evident;which is a way of converting the natural, social and cultural world in this sense, it is a way of introducing that reality to our mind;a way of qualitatively evolving human thought. Therefore, it is through literature that we apprehend the world, as we approach an understanding of phenomena, events and processes that occur in it, and it is understanding the world, meaning it, as we put it in our favor. 

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