The Human Being Is Good Or Bad By Nature

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The human being is good or bad by nature

What is good? It is that manifestation of goodness, leads to a favorable course. What is evil? A relative negative condition attributed to the human being that indicates the absence of morality, goodness, charity or natural affection for its environment. One of the greatest issues of philosophers is really to understand what the nature of the human being is, since it is not known exactly if people are good or bad because every human being acts differently and it is not known exactly what isits representative or dominant behavior. 

Now we will see the 2 faces of the currency seeing the prospects of 2 recognized philosophers, Hobbes and Rousseau giving the point of view of each of them and at the end we will give our point of view of the philosophers being parcious when giving my opinion, I will try not to bowFor none of the 2 parties and recognize the work of each. 

Later I will include articles and information information that the human being has done to give a more just conclusion and give a type of final verdict to complement the 2 philosophers mentioned above. Hobbes The philosopher Hobbes said that the human being is bad by nature, the comment that in order to live together is necessary an absolute power, an authoritarian law that controls the aggressive impulse that arises from the selfish motivation of the human being and of all beings. Since they need to feel superiority to feel good, and that fills them with hate towards others because they believe that other beings are nothing and greed for always wanting more with a negative attitude and wrong behavior. 

Rousseau mentions that being human is good and empathetic, because the human being if he sees another of his sees suffering, his nature says that he should help him. So what makes the human being bad? .What inclines the human being to be so bad, that he awakens his aggressive side is the moment when the first person said "this is mine", the property. 

Because if this is mine, another can say, "but I want it too" and so competition, envy and aggressiveness appear. Belongings upset our peaceful and empathetic behavior, since because of our greed we wantgreedy. The evil and God another aspect that has been repeated throughout history has been that of the apparent incongruity that arises between the existence of evil and the supposed powers of divinities. 

Epicurus, Hume, the marquis of Sade and a long etc. They have analyzed this situation, of full validity even today. The Christian religion, majority in the West and an important piece of our society, defends the idea that we live under the protection of an omnipotent and infinite good god. However, both virtues seem to fail in the face of the existence of evil, because if this is true, it should be relatively easy to find a solution, simply eliminating God the evil of the world. 

On the one hand, we are opened by the possibility that, assuming that evil exists, this one does because God allows it;But, being the case, then we could not conclude that God is infinite goodness, because if it were not allowing the barbarities that we suffer and live. On the other hand, we are asked that the existence of evil is due to the inability of God to prevent its existence, of which we must conclude that, by logic, it lacks the absolute power that religion associates with its being. 

Finally we will talk about “Salo and the 120 days of Sodom”, this work of the year 1976 by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Sergio Citti and Pupi Avati who speaks of a group of fascists called by themselves as the president, Duke, Bishop and the magistrate, kidnap a group of young people (where men and women were found) who are subject to torture (such as violation, psychological damage, mutilation, eating fecal matter, etc.). Its torture is represented by 4 acts: before hell, circle of the manias, circle of shit and circle of blood. 

This film focuses on showing the most sadistic and insensitive side of the human being, teaches what someone who has so much political and monetary power is able to do, since if you give someone the opportunity to kill, they act as if human lifeIt was nothing and cares just to kill just for feeling superior and denigrating others. 

The human being is only good or bad in various situations, since it does not have a fixed behavior and only acts by instinct since most time is defensively and behaves aggressively, kills to feel superior and has no consideration beforealmost no one since by nature it is in survival mode.

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