The Help Of Sport To Prevent Cancer

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The help of sport to prevent cancer


The benefits of physical exercise for health are out of discussion. No one can discuss the improvement in the quality of life that gives the continued practice of a sport. To this we must add the fact that sport also helps prevent cancer. Oncological pathologies are an important scourge in our societies. Much of human mortality is attributed to neoplasms. And by increasing life expectancy, we are increasingly prone to develop cancer states.

Scientific studies have proven that certain lifestyles are beneficial for cancer prevention. Among them, the practice of a sport. Consider that, in general, sport can help prevent up to a third of the prevalence of cancer. There are even investigations that have determined, quite precision, that half an hour of daily exercise reduces the risk of colon cancer, for example.


In the context in which sport also stimulates other habits, such as good diet, there are no doubt about the benefit. Although many cancers do not have a clear origin, there are others that we do know their origin and we can act accordingly to reduce the possibility of suffering them.

Varied oncological pathologies share risk factors. It is usual to associate overweight and sedentary lifestyle to the development of cancerous pathology. In this sense, sport helps prevent cancer because it reduces body weight and active movement dependent on movement. As we advanced, sport also helps change habits. Continuing physical exercise drives us to eat better, to elaborate plans and routines away from unhealthy customs and even leave toxins such as alcohol or tobacco.

A better physical condition is linked to a better physiology of the digestive system. This would reduce the incidence of stomach and colon cancer. Again, sport helps in this case because it is usually accompanied by a specific diet. On the other hand, those who investigate the origins of neoplasms have discovered that chronic tissues inflammations could be causes of neoplasms. Well, sport helps to prevent cancer being a natural anti -inflammatory.

The muscles are the fabric most benefited by exercise. Continuous practice forces muscle tissue to get glucose from blood to function as fuel. This reduction in blood glycemia improves insulin levels and reduces the risk of breast cancer in women.

Types of cancers helps prevent sport

While the benefits of sport on cancer prevention are general, there are investigations that have confirmed preventive power in some particular cancers:

  • Mom: If a woman performs more than three hours per week of exercise, her risk of breast cancer is reduced almost 30% compared to a sedentary woman. The good thing about this is that the risk is reduced for all women, to any age, and regardless of the previous health history.
  • Uterus: also as a benefit for women, sports practice reduces the risk of uterine cancer.
  • Lung: The risk of lung cancer is reduced in athletes, helped by the suspension of tobacco that comes from the hand of sport.
  • Colon: Colonic cancer has been very studied in its relationship with sport. Some studies have found up to a 50% reduction in people with people with regular physical activity. The background mechanism that would explain it is not totally clear, but we cannot ignore the dietary issue that is associated when we change the lifestyle.


The practice of any sport helps prevent cancer. However, there are degrees of physical activity that science has tried beneficial in its minimum expression. That is, performing these routines, the risk of cancer is already reduced. One of the best known measures is that of the weekly 150 minutes. It can be running, walking, swimming, in the gym with machines, dancing or pedaling. 

The important thing is to distribute these minutes in the week achieving a minimum of half an hour every day. Both aerobic and force exercises have demonstrated their benefits against cancer. Therefore, a sport as football would be as recommended as weight routine, for example. The combination of both is the ideal, allocating time to the aerobic and the muscles.

For those who are complicated over time to have moments of exercise, the option is to include them in the daily routine. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, the bicycle instead of the car, walk instead of a taxi. Whenever you can, the inclusion of physical activity will result in benefits.

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