The Fundamental Importance Of A Good Writing

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The fundamental importance of a good writing

The structure consists of words or symbols which form sentences to conve. Scripture requires proper calligraphy, spelling and coherence to maintain the tongue we speak strong and in force. Scripture is one of the best inventions that humanity has been able to have, although grammar and spelling change when time passes, due to different idioms and words in human evolution.

Good writing is about writing in an orderly manner and enclosed with the development of ideas and thoughts. In such a way that at the time of reading the message and the purpose that the one who wrote it was understood.That is why it is very important to keep in mind that the text that we are going to raise is understandable and always meaningful.So that the receiver does not confuse and correctly receive messages without problems or doubts we can review carefully, and be able to realize if there is an incorrect spelling precedence.If this situation occurs the consequences are clear: the first thing the readers are going to say is that the author does not have a denomination of a correct writing, therefore it loses respect and authority. Another consequence is the confusion and non -understanding of the subject, so it is very important that in the book, websites, etc. That they are academic and there is the presence of spelling and synthetic errors, students will have a bad concept and doubt then, a teacher would be harming the teaching path.  In addition the text loses beauty, so it is essential that we as students learn to write well, so that in the future they respect us.

With writing you can cover any type of content from the understanding of the nature that surrounds us, to our desire to write what we feel through poetry. This is why teaching him how to write and read a child introduces him to a world full of thoughts where he begins to develop in ideas which leads to the development of mind, preparation and training as human beings for the future. Scripture allows people to differentiate one thing from another thanks to definitions, so that people who know howThe absorption of ideas reflected in a text and will not be able to learn. That is why it is important that a person can write because if he does, he can capture his ideas even though the author is no longer, like this work: although I am not present for any reason, but this workis, you can receive the text.

Another aspect of writing is that it allows us. They were mostly primitive men hunting and what mechanisms applied, these were evolving until they reached the writing that we know today, in these theologian bread is set to be able to have a hypothesis of what life was like in the past writing is soImportant that before his mention there was only talk of prehistory, but after having discovered it, he speaks only of history. Although a normal person about three or 4 years to dominate it for humanity cost thousands of years to transform themselves with simple signs to diverse and complex alphabets worldwide. It is grace to writing that we can understand how its evolution was until today. It originated in Mesopotamia in the Sumerian region was next to the Tigris and Euphrates river.

In the first place, it was signs (pictograms) which meant anything that can be seen, but after a while he took a great step, the people of that time realized, by their own need to create more signs which wereabstracts such as hate, joy, etc. This was not enough since they needed to have their economy, their profits, their purchases, their debit, this arose because as writing was born in Mesopotamia, what is currently Iraq, in the past was fertile land, thenPeople were traveling there to buy good quality products, which meant a stable economy. In turn, peoples and empires were growing and wanted to record their laws on clay tablets so that they did not go over time. Some of these were well preserved that has helped archaeologists decipher and discovered what the policies of the various territories were. In their time the only ones who could write were the privileged, who were kings, noble, wise and even high -ranking soldiers. All of them were called "scribes".

After a while they realized that the pictograms were very specific, and that each of them meant one thing, that is, there were more than 2 thousand pictograms and the figure was growing as they discovered, it was inevitable to create something different, more complexAnd at the same time simple, this was born the ideograms, which are currently the letters.

They were very intelligent when creating them since it was easier to create symbols which each of them were phonetics (they had their own sounds) and that joining them formed a word – ideograms;than to create a symbol for each word – pictograms the arrival of pictograms, people could learn writing and take it as a right.

From there the poets were born who used the ideograms so that through poetry they could express feelings, which are the products of the development of thought using the emotions that poets had, or some hero as Li is the poem of "Gilgamesh"Normal people acquired the power of writing thanks to the fact that as they were increasing and went to other places they decided to preach it and step to be known as the power to be granted as personal and everyday use. But the "scribes" had a reason, that when acquiring writing, traveling all over the world changing and adopting new symbols in different territories. This had pros and cons that each individual could use it to facilitate their life and one against it is the diversity of different alphabets, and each alphabet was having different languages with the passing of time.

That is why today we cannot have a dialogue with any person in the world, because for a dialogue, the two people have to dominate and speak the same language. When writing spreads reaching places like Egypt to China when it reached China, so much that the pictograms reigned in this alphabet instead in Egypt, writing suffered a somewhat different disorder unlike Mesopotamia, a sound covered the union of several pictograms, whichHis reading was very complicated. Over the years, people gave more use to writing as songs, learning, for religious themes. But we should not believe that the only inventors of the religious. But we should not believe that the only inventors of writing were the summarization, because as the indigenous people will know how to write before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The writing systems of the Americans were born in the cultures Olmeca, Zapotero, Mara, which invented signs with short similarities to those used in Mesopotamia.Scientists will verify that writing in Asia thanks to the tablets (surface in the writing made of clay and then baked and hardened. In much of America, we use the Latin alphabet as a written system, which has many languages such as: Spanish, Portuguese, French that are the most used in this continent. But that does not mean that this alphabet originated in America. The American natives adapted the Latin alphabet for the colonization of European countries we were oppressed and exploited slaves.

Later the writing had become popular on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, but the alphabet they used only had consonant, an example was the phonetic alphabet. Many countries used it, among them this Greece, who modifies it by adding consonants, to make the understanding of the words easier and have fluency when pronouncing them as the Romans had a powerful empire they learned of the modification and they take it as theirs. When time passed they invaded and took over territories where they imposed this alphabet.

Thus was born the Latin alphabet of this, small variations in different areas were born, which gave rise to alphabets such as Hebrew and Arabic. Arabic was the most widespread worldwide for the writing of the Qur’an and as it was a sacred book of Islam it received great importance. Then people learned this system to belong to this religion. Many people think that writing only serves for literature, but is the opposite;Without writing there are no mathematics, since they would not have records or formulas;There was no science if they did not take notes of research or monologues, there was no music, if the ideas full of feelings are not copied;There was no philosophy if I had not written the phrases full of knowledge and wisdom. Then I can conclude that society was not even half of the developed one we know. Scripture has allowed us to advance as people which is the objective of humanity.

In the Middle Ages people realized a difficulty, which would soon become more and more problematic. The case was that the authors only wrote their medical books, research, poems etc. On hand that is to say that there were few books that reported with the same content. This means that only a few people could realize reality and this would have changed the world but not before inventing the first system that copied a text, saving a lot of time. The inventor was the famous Gutenberg, thanks to this with a single book they could publiccopies and were distributed throughout the planet. This was a clear example that humans do not conform and they are revolutionaries this is our nature and in the nineteenth century objects were created that allowed us to write comfortably, the first of these was the fountainous pen evolved into the pen that we know. Then they created the first device that allowed us to write differently to the traditional way we advanced to the twentieth century and the first conversation of people was raised being in different places thanks to technology. We are advancing and also neutral needs, every day thousands of people work to create and invent devices that change writing, it is happening with the texts dictated by the you that are written automatically. With all this we are losing the essence of how to write and all we can do is adapt.

The first thing that teachers should teach to students is to write correctly, writing is essential for the student to continue learning. If for some reason the teacher teaches him first, another topic will not understand it to learn first, you have to dominate writing, reading and then the teacher already begins to give them practical and technical knowledge. Without reading, or writing cannot progress in individual development, because these are pillars which are the basis of education and discipline. Not only does the teacher have to do with the child’s teaching way but also his parents because they learn both at home and at school. Students see use to writing at all times and put it in these situations is optimal since they are introduced into problems and learn in this way they are encouraged and makes them want to put their part to acquire knowledge is a good ideathat the student reads poems, fabulas with morals, riddles to be passionate about these issues and do not hate it as most children do. It is thanks to the writing that the child can develop the mind when he writes thinks about each word, that it is adequate so that the prayer makes sense so they need to learn the concept so that he becomes an idea and understands that and for him toHe is writing it. Together with this, he also improves his way of speaking over time and maintaining a constant writing realizes that he is easier to express and develop from his thoughts. It is essential that the child write because otherwise it will have difficulties when he wants to publicize something and cause nobody understands him. Perhaps in their youth they do not see it so necessary but when I enter the stage of being an adult it will be difficult to have a stable job and their children will not have a good example to follow. When writing well they are full of opportunities for the future since in almost all work they require them. That is why when the son is rebellious and does not want.

With writing, the ability to assume and observe a topic, the ability to influence a topic leaving the distractions aside, the ability to learn and remember information from writing was developed the ability to order ideas, organizing thoughts. These are all methods to understand a topic. Scripture makes our mind acted as an information receiver from what you are learning and thus capture the idea that is intended to be taught. When writing people you can learn or memorize faster data and repeat more time. There are many writing exercises that will attract most young people among this areHierarchies where each link has a concept and is divided into more links is very effective because it helps to memorize concepts and classifications to be able to write an reading easily this rain of ideas which are ideas that you obtained when reading writing, usually main and are short. When talking about two different cases, the ben diagram can be used, in which differences and similarities can be established relating the topics and differentiated at the same time, this is a good resource because we use it when we have doubts and we want to clarify our information.

All these methods help the writing develop in the author’s intellectual capacity and allow you to reach the understanding faster. As time passes and the student writes in long periods, they will realize that writing is not just a way to keep them occupied in such a way that they do not make noise but rather a system for everyday use without realizing the student will have to writeEvery time he needs it in this way he used writing in response to problems to remember something, copy a recipe, etc.

Scripture is a more important inventions of all time, because the simple reason that if there could not be an exchange of ideas between two people if they are in different places. Before writing was possible thanks to the messages that took the writing to the receiver, therefore it was very complicated, and now with the arrival of the Internet, everything is facilitated and currently, we communicate with people who are on the other sideof the world with the minimum effort for the same reason is that youth is losing many aspects of good writing among them is spelling, whose culprit is the technology of the car correctors and they have been so serious that the point that young people arrive arrivesThey write with bad spelling and forget how the words are really thanks to the fact that they write messages on the Internet and write what the Corrector is then does all the work with what also loses one of the most important pillare of good writing is thecalligraphy. The constant use of pen, pencils, markers, etc. It helps the writer maintain a good calligraphy but since most people use electronic devices with the computer cell phone, etc. We put aside the writing in hand and lyrics arriving at the time when we have to present a job and we do it with a lousy calligraphy.


  • Scripture is one of the most important inventions in history, it goes hand in hand with reading. This invention allowed the communication of people through signs and symbols that were evolving over time, until reaching the alphabets we know today.
  • Scripture originated more than 3500 years ago to. C, in the valleys of Mesopotamia, in the Sumerian region, in what is now known as Iraq;He was born for the need of man, since they were forced to create it to establish laws, collect taxes and keep the accounting of their products
  • At present, people who had access to writing were the "scribes" (there were small groups of powerful people and social prestige). Today we all have the right to written language.
  • There are currently many writing systems, among these are the Latin alphabet, Arabic alphabet, hebrew alphabet, etc. Each with different language. Scripture is very diverse and I could find it anywhere in the world.
  • Scripture plays a fundamental role in the child’s cognitive development, contributing to concentration, attention, memory and learning.
  • Today writing is a right of all, since it has become a fundamental need of the human being   

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