The Factors That Influence Sports Performance, Specifically In Football

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The factors that influence sports performance, specifically in football

Inadequate energy and nutrient consumption has been reported in numerous articles such as influential factors in the decrease in sports performance. Muller et al. (2007) In Brazil, they carried out an evaluation of the nutritional status to 2 2 male professional players, to which a food history was applied, the athletes presented an average energy consumption of 3387 kcal, within which the proteins were in afifteen.42%, 33.27% corresponding to fats and carbohydrates corresponded to 51.31%, being the lowest to the recommendations for soccer players.

Martin et al. (2006) In England, they valued the nutritional practices of 16 soccer players belonging to an elite team, where a low energy intake of 1904 +- 366 kcal was reported, in relation to the recommendations for women athletes, in terms ofconsumption of macronutrients and micronutrients these were within the normal parameters, with the exception of carbohydrates, which were around 53.8% of the VCT.

The low consumption of carbohydrates has been reported in a large part of research on the athlete’s diet. Ortega (2019) In Spain, he developed a nutritional analysis of 13 young soccer practitioners, evidencing a slightly low carbohydrate intake, which agrees with Martínez and Sánchez (2013) in Spain, in their analysis of eating habits of a soccer teamThird division, where an intake was shown up to 40% lower than those recommended for soccer players. For its part, Barreto et al. (2009) In Brazil, they made a collection of information from different articles to estimate an average of the consumption of macronutrients by Soccer Soccer players, which evidenced carbohydrate consumption less than 60% of the total caloric value (VCT).

Food is directly related to body composition and performance in athletes. Several articles address these issues, such as Martínez and Sánchez (2013) in Spain, these authors evaluated the nutritional status of a team of 21 male soccer players of the third division, where an inadequate nutritional status was found for the sport that wasPerforms, what directly relate to lower performance and a high index of injuries. Also Moreno et al. (2016) In Ecuador, they conducted a similar study where they valued the nutritional status and eating habits of an amateur soccer players, showing that athletes had a body composition and eating habits that did not favor them in their sports performance

In women’s soccer teams body composition is also a determining factor in its sports performance. González et al. (2014) In Spain, they analyzed the nutritional intake and body composition of women’s soccer players to see their relationship with sports performance, these authors found a fat percentage higher than recommended for women soccer players, which is in reverse relatedWith sports performance, the higher percentage of fat is the performance. Bahamondes et al. (2012) In Argentina, they conducted a similar investigation into the body composition of a South American Women.15%, greater than that presented by other women’s soccer teams.

In relation to body composition and game position in soccer soccer, Wagner et al. (2006) In Brazil, they analyzed the anthropometric profile of male professional players, where it was reported that there is a higher percentage of body fat in goalkeepers related to a lower metabolic overload on training days and in the matches, a fact that agrees with the investigationFrom the variation of body composition between professional soccer players by Carling and Orhant (2010), these authors reported that there are marked variations of body composition between different game positions, where the goalkeepers have a greater difference in relation to fatand body mass. 

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