The Extinction Of Animals And Their Main Architect; The Human

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The extinction of animals and their main architect; The human

Since the man began to populate the earth, he has always kept his subsistence, which soon found it in the hunting and raising animals, where he managed to obtain raw material and food that would serve him for survival, they always acquired the necessary of the animal , without the exaggerated demand that he could represent, but when the human managed to advance progressively he realized the primary sources that animals can provide.

The technological advances of the human allowed him to work in a better way the raw material granted by animals, this brought more demand in the market on their products based on them, causing successive animal deaths, which therefore led its extinction, but is it really worth the sacrifice of animals to be able to satisfy human in their needs?

In order to answer the question we must know the ways in which an animal is attack by the hand of man, being one of the most common hunting, it can be for sports purposes or for giving use to the raw materials that the animal gives. Sport hunting, as the name implies is carried out for training, and satisfaction of the human, since fans can affirm that it is a way to show the superiority and mastery that the individual handles with the necessary weapons and utensils To carry out this activity, in addition to considering animals in danger of extinction such as dams that can take advantage of and thus be able to boast more about the "skills" they have for hunting, and although we could affirm it that ethics Form is very important at the moment in which a hunter considers doing these types of activities, the truth is that the majority care little or nothing that is so serious is the damage that the animals carry out, they are only interested in the amount of prestige That you can obtain, therefore it is easily deductible that this is the purest way in which animal abuse has been seen, the lack of respect they have towards animals causes great damage icio to them. On the other hand there is hunting for subsistence purposes, as the name implies it is done to make the most out of the animal that is hunted from obtaining the animal protein to the derivatives that it can provide, using this matter in the elaboration of various tools that are useful to man, however due to technological advance, material has been synthesized that is similar and therefore reduce considerably the use of these, however there are people who still do this unnecessary hunt, becoming illegal due to the High demand that in black markets have certain components that animals possess, cases such as ivory extracted from rhinos and elephants, the plumage of certain exotic birds, fur in endangered animals, the horn of the narval, all of them reach lush amounts of money, which is the main objective of traffickers.

To conclude this issue we can affirm that; Hunting has existed since prehistory, but, due to the advances of the human being every time I stop depending on it, there are still people who practice hunting for sports purposes or for the illegal sale of certain animal components, producing an imbalance In the ecosystem, the main consequence being the extinction of fauna, which is an extremely important factor in life, it will never be worth extinguishing animal species for the enjoyment and desire of the human, because no life is replaceable. 

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