The Exploitation Of Society At Different Times

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The exploitation of society at different times

At different times, certain social groups have been the object of exploitation, and despite the course of years, only the denomination of the parties has been changed and the way of extorting, these changes have been made in order to disguise the reality and objective of those those objectives of those.Tyranos, the exploitation.

With the desire to stop exploitation, multiple clashes and resistance have been caused by oppressed social groups, those have tried to demand a better quality of life, as an example, the landowner, the industrial revolution, the French revolution among others among others;They have been the precursors of resistance to an oppressive political system.

In the landowner, the alteration of terms is evident but the essence is maintained, so, the term slave becomes peasants and tyrant in landowners, in terms of exploitation this is that the landowner having a large amount of landsPeasant had to work in agriculture and in exchange for physical effort, the landowner granted him housing and a portion of his farmer’s crops. After years of exploitation, citizens who were part of the peasants with the eagerness to eradicate this tax policy opposed agrarian reforms and, as a result of that:

Social peace was strongly disturbed by the constant confrontations between the peasants and the landowners in the countryside and the demands of the workers in the cities. 

We find a similar case in trade unionism, this is that “the worker does not protect his employment, he fails that his salary improves, does not prevent his contract from mutilating. Or tell the worker that to solve the problems you have to cut people or that they must continue to sacrifice themselves."

When looking for better conditions, vulnerable groups again had clashes with the high command, and like the previous case, their fight was with the desire to acquire better deals and, for such, rights.

After several events of this nature and after the French Revolution, the initiative to stipulate in the legal framework the right to resistance arises, so, article 33 recognizes: “Oppression resistance is the consequence of other rightsof man."

In turn, in the same legal framework, it limits this action, with the intention of saving the integrity of public institutions, therefore in article 27 it distinguishes: “Every individual who usurpes sovereignty would have to receive immediate death at the hands of theFree man ". 

Therefore it is determined that the right to resistance is a collective right and is a right that consists in the rejection of the orders issued by the state order, consequently, this is a conflict between the government and the people and not of the institutionsstate.

In a period, the right to resistance was eliminated from the legal framework, since this was manipulated by the bourgeoisie, since,

A short time later the Bourgeoisie Gala, will be the one who most and best benefited from the revolution of 1789, who would organize a whole political and normative system on the basis of existing privileges and prerogatives that passed, somehow to new hands with the end with the endto occupy for a long time the springs of public power. 

From the international point of view, the right to resistance has support for the United Nations Charter, because, in

The preamble of the United Nations tastIn other words, against the injury of human rights, which thus become the main fee of legitimacy to which the government action that you want to call legitimate must respond.

The revolutionary struggle could not be in vain, because he had gained lives and destruction;Consequently, revolutions forced the right to resistance to become a guarantee that those states of law should accept in their legal regulations.

Thus, with the validity of the Political Constitution of Ecuador of 1998 recognizes the right to resistance, since in those years Ecuador was a rule of law.

The confrontations that citizens have had in search of rights that are inherent to the human being, but that by belonging to a certain social category have been deprived of those of those. It sounds ironic fight for rights and that in that struggle, end with primary right, life;Unfortunately this has been the value that our ancestors have had to pay so that we currently have rights or at least, with primary rights.


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