The Expansion Of Organized Crime

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The expansion of organized crime


Within a nation-state where democracy is the pillar of a political government and society chooses the way of being governed to meet their needs through law-obligation to generate a harmonic state that benefits everyone and can be developed in a waymutual, it would seem that it would be the solution to the problems that are generated, in coexistence with their peers where order and respect are the basis for achieving the common good. One of the conditioning factors of this development is that of public security, since with it, the State guarantees the citizen, the protection of their property and above all the most valuable, life itself, order and respect. 


The control generated by laws and regulations of coexistence and through their representatives of the authority, prevent and deter the commission of crimes. During the past governments the country adopts an economic model of globalization, adopting neoliberal economic models, with the aim of growing the country, thus creating the current structure of the country, these models have mostly benefited the great entrepreneurs and politicians who haveState in charge of the management and development planning of the states and trade treaties where ‘jobs are used’, but poorly reduced (cheap labor), showing the country’s economic dependence with the foreigner with the foreigner with the foreigner.

This globalized phenomenon has promoted and generated advantages and disadvantages mostly, due to factors of inequality and poor distribution of resources, one might think that this system could work in Mexico, as long as it is possible to find equity, in terms of economic benefits for the economic benefits for theeconomic development of the country, and the satisfaction of the needs of society. The neglect of the social sector in the satisfaction of their basic needs, decent housing, security, basic basket, education, health, among others, generates the discontent of society who seek through mass movements, be heard and served.

What is sought is the solution of their requests, the creation of national development plans, later by entities, governments seek to correct these neglects, which from my point of view fail to cover our expectations, inequality in all aspects,economic mostly, in the distribution of the benefits of these programs, to whom preference is given to the militants, friends and family of the group that is in power, leaving aside the people who really need it. In the security field, it can also be seen that drug trafficking is increasing.

Their levels of organization are also included in police and government corporations, as well as corrupting rulers, politicians, authorities and people who are in power, this used by these criminals who have strengthened taking advantage of the needs of vulnerable groups (men, women,Children and elders), and bad public security policies even exceeding police corporations with regard to logistics, equipment and armament, which has generated the State to use the Armed Forces (Navy and Army), to execute workPublic Security.

They begin mainly in the border regions and specific areas of planting, harvesting and transferring transfer. It is also mentioned that common crime in the long and width of the country have been annexing to these criminal groups, obtaining mutual benefits from one side more power and on the otherthe population, which do not trust their local authorities. The imminent expansion of organized crime (drug trafficking) has already been commonly seen throughout the Mexican Republic, including the State of Mexico and the CDMX.

This becomes very suspicious that the main facilities of the institutions are housed there. All this more the aforementioned factors have caused the intervention of these military authorities, who in addition to performing their national security functions have been urgently needed to act in support of citizens who see this option divided, so I causedNot having a legal framework that will regulate the form of action of these authorities, giving cases of abuse and violation of human rights, which was remedied with reforms to the law, the creation of a national guard commanded by civil people and military commanders.

The National Guard also integrates police elements of extinct institutions, but professionalizing them, purifying them and equipping them with logistics resources that allow executing their functions attached to law and with knowledge of the laws, protocols for action and research functions, the implementation of a new system of a system ofAddress of justice that will allow acting professionally and responsible in the preservation, custody, lifting and transfer of evidence that will be essential to demonstrate the innocence or guilt of some alleged in an oral trial.

Within the current National Development Plan, in the Public Security field, the action of military institutions has been contemplated, especially since the creation of a national security system, where all authorities, government and citizenship are sought to develop policiesSecurity, focused on the prevention and deterrence of crime, institutional coordination, accountability and transparency in budgetary operations and results of such public policies, will generate obtaining verifiable results and generate the recovery of the confidence of the companyOur authorities.

The prevention and deterrence of the crime, especially that of organized crime, requires comprehensive and immediate attention for this I consider that the intervention of the military authorities is necessary, since the crime of this type is very aggressive violent and is expanding, it is expanding,Military authorities are the last option we have to dismantle these criminal groups I consider that the correct coordination between authorities in the planning, execution and development of police operations will be key to preventing determining and minimizing criminal behaviors, coupled with this, I consider it necessary to implement trueSocial Readaptation Policies.

This item has also been neglected, which has also mostly controlled this type of crime, where inmates, instead of re -adapting, have been professionalized in criminal techniques and tactics, it is considered that by the null programs and the productive inactivity to whichThey are subjected during the time they compunate a penalty. Considering that social rehabilitation programs are optional inmates do not put any interest in rehabilit.

As can be seen, the intervention of military authorities in public security work is necessary, in order to counteract the expansion and growth of organized crime, I consider that such intervention will be preponderant factor in the action of the authorities themselves that is well aimed atProfessionalization and discipline of the military type, will contribute both to improving the image, respect and police action in the society itself that will recover confidence in them, applying the law correctly and attached to an unrestricted legal framework and respect for individual guarantees andHuman Rights of Society.

It is suggested to create a culture of legality that will allow through harmonious and trust interaction between authority-citizen, to obtain substantial results in the minimization of criminal behaviors. The satisfaction of the public security sector is a conditioning of well -being that we require all citizens of every country, the satisfaction of this will depend on the correct creation, implementation and execution of said policies in each region of the country, likewise the professionalization of thebodies and institutions responsible for satisfying this need, citizen participation, the integration of criminological policies dedicated to studying causal factors.


The implementation of accusatory justice systems and the prevention and deterrence of the crime will decrease to minimize criminal behaviors, the true attention to the vulnerable groups and the correct execution of the functions of prevention and deterrence of the crime, by theRepresentatives of the law together with the citizenship, they will cause such public policies to have the optimal results and that the entire society expects to guarantee that public security satisfaction, which will allow the harmonious and integral coexistence and development of each inhabitant, obtaining the goodCommon and therefore the progress of the country.

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