The Existence Of God And The Responsible Society

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The existence of God and the Responsible Society


Within this text, different positions and authors such as Dostoevski, Sartre, Nietzsche, Kant are confronted where it seeks to show the existence of a supreme being "God" and the influence it can have for the coexistence of society, in addition the different ones are questionedTypes of morals that have been created where the moral created through a dogma and aristocratic morals based on the existence of the other are found, it is also referred to the responsibility that men have their acts or if there are signs thatThey are guiding them.


When the years passed some French professors in their attempt to build a secular moral considered that God was an expensive hypothesis, which preferred to suppress it, however, so that the coexistence between society was not altered, it was necessary that the values within thesame, it was considered that God was a kind of vigilant by which society gave existing this moral, and when believing that God did not exist, everything would enter chaos, since everything would be allowed. 

Nietzsche speaks of passive nihilism, which is this denial that exists of any religious principle or dogma, where the existence of these values was questioned, since they were considered to be created by resentful or weak people in order to create a slave moral, forThat people have submissive and conformist behaviors which helps to handle mass. Nietzsche criticizes this morals as miserable and questions the use of forgive.

Throughout history, the existence of a superman is mentioned who will slip from all these ties in search of aristocratic morals that is the recognition and validation that someone else exists, the superman will not allow to be subject to the idea of progress and throughFrom knowledge focuses on the present, since it does not consider that there is an upper or transcendental world, however, although Nietzsche mentions that there has not been said character still refers to historical characters that could serve as an example.

For Kantian ethics, human dignity is only a bridge between the most primitive species and the superman, and at the end it is to achieve aristocratic morals where the other is validated and responsible for the acts performed, so Sartre mentions that he does not believe in thePassion or acts that can be done for it, consider that it is an excuse for man.


Throughout history and through different currents the existence of God has been discussed and the influence it has on morals and values that are practiced within a society, however, existentialism does not want to demonstrate that God does not exist, but thatThe fact that it existed would not change anything, so people would be the only ones responsible for what happens to them, the sole purpose of existentialism is that man understands that he can save himself, and must respond for his actions.

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