The Existence Of God And The Evil Of The World

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The existence of God and the evil of the world

To understand this question we are going to analyze what is understood by “bad” Santo Tomás (1996) it specifies it like this: ‘evil is nothing other than the deprivation of what someone is suitable for possessing and should have [as the view must possessThe vision] … that’s what everyone calls. Now, deprivation is not an essence, on the contrary, a denial in a substance. Evil is not an essence of things ". (Bad, Q. 1 to 1.)

Evil is considered a shortage of good, Saint Thomas points it as the lack of one thing, for example: good goes hand in hand with evil, but this evil can be seen from the perspective of each person, they all have a different visionof the cosmos which causes to have different ideas of what is good or bad. It is believed that the existence of evil as such comes from rebellion.

Now we are going to talk about "Teodicea" a doctrine that is responsible for giving evidence about God and his connection with man.


We consider the faculty of dialogue of theodicea only in the direction of:

Fray Publio (1997) says “The statement of the problem of evil rests on propositions that look at univocity, as is the case of the three generally considered asercions: God is all powerful;His goodness is infinite;Evil exists;Since the objective of the argument is clearly apologetic: God is not responsible for evil ”(P, 11)

The difficulty of evil is evidence of the freedom of the human being but not of God, so far it is about establishing that evil is something negative, and that its origin does not correspond to this supreme being.

Below is a story where it is evidence.

God and Job

This story is supported by the Old Testament, where God is accused by the devil of bribing Job’s trust through health and bonanza, then God as a answer grants the demon to show Job’s loyalty through a repetition of misfortunes.

At the beginning Job responds indulgently, until he can no more, and he surrenders and imputes towards God. Job’s friends are against him and defend Jehovah, pointing out that their ills deserved them, and that what is harvested is sown. Given this Job did not claim God for his helplessness, he simply begs him not to bother him anymore.

Job points out “What is the man to magnify it, so that you worry about him, so you can examine it every morning, and at every moment you put it to the test?, Will you never take your gaze from me, or leave me alone until my saliva swallow?, I have sin?, What have I done to you, O Guardian of Men?, Why have you made your target, so I am a burden for myself?”(7:17).

Then God responds and says

"Where were you when I did the world? Can you understand how I did? Can you do what I did? (…) If I am powerful and wise enough to create an orion in the night sky, a wild ox and an ostrich, can you trust me while going through the problem I allowed in your life?"

At the end of this story, Job is given more than he lost and lived 140 years.

Rebellion is possible because we are free and this condition of freedom facilitates the choice of roads, which open against the possibility of false promises and that is when the human being makes decisions and many of them choose to go for a wrong path.

So it is not a matter of looking guilty for evils such as wars, diseases, corruption among others, but to take responsibility for our actions, it is we who act on the way we choose, many of the times we prefer to look for the simplest pathWithout thinking about future consequences, or without having empathy for the people around us, every day we are in constant decision making that will have an impact over time, and that is where we must seek to establish the difference between good- wrong.


The idea of ​​the existence of a God in our world, was imposed in people from years ago with the intention to make justice prevail but over time the intention of justice was changing and the same people were the ones who took advantage of this to colonize land , steal money from the people, make believe that not believing in a God returns to you in a disgusting being and thus kill people too, then evil is not caused by God, evil is born from the heart of people literally, although we have what we have what Let us want (free will), it is in us to act correctly or incorrectly, that also has depending on the type of person we are and that things we believe are good or bad since we all do not think the same, and we will act depending on our way of thinking , beyond all this, we create in a God or not, people should be ethical to act correctly without having spectators, it makes us better in the eyes of God or in the eyes D And oneself


  • Fray Publio Restrepo González Metaphysics in Mar/in Heidegger, University of San Buenaventura, Bogotá: 1997

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