The Evolution Of The Digital Economy And Its Impact

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The evolution of the digital economy and its impact

Understanding that the digital economy is a term that refers to the impact of digital technology on production and consumption models, which includes the way they are marketed, exchanging and buying goods and services, which covers from traditional sectorsof technology, media and telecommunications to new digital sectors. These include electronic commerce, digital banking and even sectors, such as agriculture or mining or industry, which are being affected by the application of emerging technologies.

At present, most companies have had to migrate to technological platforms, since the arrival of the Internet society has involved in the development of new technologies and in turn in the need to be treated by promoting what we know today as the economyDigital, a concept that is in full development for the countries of the world in spatial in Latin America, since providing assets and services quickly and efficient scope of a click is innovative.

Many people and companies try to undertake in this world through various ways, either in their current jobs, forming a new working group, updating and then providing services, or something that is very popular, managing social networks.

According to the Global Digital Report 2019, the We are Are Social and Hootsuite platforms, for January of that year Venezuela had a population of 32.58 million people, of which 19.55 million are Internet users, 13 million social network users and 9.70 million mobile social networks.

So social networks have allowed us to have greater projection, more digital content can be created capable of selling around the world and allowing us to be digitally profitable and thus help the mobilization of the economy.

The digital entrepreneurship helped to cope with the crisis originated by the world pandemic and that is that thanks to social networks companies have managed to keep their businesses afloat, migrating to technology is a step that we must take and Venezuela despite the failures at the level at levelTechnological has tried to penetrate this world and many have been the companies that today bet to leave physical spaces and adapt to the new digital era, and that is that the comfort and ease of llagar to customers around the world is an advantageof technology.

In the globalized world in which we live, making use of the Internet is more than a privilege is a necessity, making bank and commercial transactions through this medium is to become the daily life of people.

The Internet has become an essential part of the infrastructure of countries, and it is a production factor in almost any activity of the entire global economy, according to the Internet Matters studio I can transform the world economic scenario in a waySimilar as electricity did at the time, which is why the United Nations has considered the penetration of the Internet as a key element for poverty reduction and promote the economic development of a country.

Undoubtedly, the presence of this powerful network has positively transformed the economy not only national but also worldwide, since it has become a parameter to measure the wealth of a country, the impulse that this powerful network has had in the economies of the world hasbeen of evolution, encourages the competition and expansion of any type of market in different economic fields.

That is why there are major changes in the economy and it has been through this mechanism, since it helps companies migrate to this technological network and can reach any type of market and thus manage to expand trade, to exportThe product to any market in the world, and from this mere improves the use of capital and minimizes market risks

That is why the Internet is a fundamental part of the life of any company and therefore of the economic development of a country, some of the great changes that the economy has undergone through this platform are the following:

  1. Electronic commerce: through this medium intermediation is reduced because the individual or the company is responsible for carrying out its online operations.
  2. Less bureaucracy: It allows to manage in less time, money and requirements the different administrative processes.
  3. Collaborative economy: as mentioned above allows the exchange of goods and service.
  4. Financial sector: One of the most significant changes that the digital economy has achieved is that of the financial sector to ensure that a sector as important as the bank would migrate to the powerful technological network has been one of the most positive advances for a country, currently themost transactions are carried out through the Internet.

From my perspective, this network is definitively an impulse for small and medium industry. The way to manage busIntellectual property and customer relationships have gone to the fore and access to information has ceased to be expensive and restricted, information is cheaper and easy to obtain.

You can easily collect information about customers and use it to provide a better product or service. A large capital is no longer needed and several years in the market to establish a business worldwide, virtual channels can be used to search for products and services and to promote, sell and support them. In the digital economy, first care in customer businesses must be set and then configure the business to meet their demands.

The role of new technologies acquires a new dimension and greater prominence of the need to use new tools that respond to the current situation, for years we are seeing how the digital world is gaining more and more land and imposing itself as the future solution, and the health crisis we are living has only drove digitalization.

Taking when the aforementioned, it is a fact we must prepare to continue penetrating as a company society in this world as complex but necessary as the digital economy is, from my point this new scenario is necessary to promote growth, however, we should notForgetting the small businesses and the elderly, they are the ones who most concern when it comes to digital transformation, since they are accustomed to physically relate and not through a touch screen.

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