The Evolution Of The Bodies And The Growth Of The Mind

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The evolution of the bodies and the growth of the mind


A characteristic that usually differentiates science fiction from any other genre is that science fiction not only covers the importance of showing us a scenario that science could allow to happen, but also shows the viewer a social, environmental or scientific problem. Then science fiction is generated in response to a specific situation or some time that occurs for a period of time, which can represent a dilemma for a certain generation.

Technology today has allowed people to transport us to a new era, where the vast majority of individuals have access to the network and spend a lot of time to be in cyberspace or pending this same.

In the modern era, when science and technology undertook a trip that would arrive to this day, Descartes generated a very important analogy, since it consisted of the first dual relationship of man and his body, which is compared to an automaton, in this case a clock. Descartes offers us an absolutely new conception of the body detached from the traditional one, where the body is not informed by the soul, but works as a mechanism thanks to certain stimuli that come from outside and that works by itself.

And it is from here that we have come further and further, where it becomes possible to generate hybrid beings from a cyber-organism duality that at first glance have little in common with the Cartesian binomial formed by the body and mind, however in turnThey generate great controversies.


In internalizing on the subject, it is immediately known that these artifacts are no longer only extensions of the body, but that they begin to replace vital organs, correct beings both physically and psychologically, generating that as humans we rethink us, to what extent can we transform ourselvesWhile being ourselves? Or what is much more complex how will the difference of multiple social representations of cyberspace be generated under the end of an identity?

Below two important CIBORG definitions will be presented in this essay A CIBORG is a cyber organism, a machine hybrid and organism, a creature of social reality and also fiction. Social reality are our lived social relationships, our most important political construction, a changing fiction world. And then a more current proposed by Moya, a CIBORG is a being with organic parts that corresponds to the fundamental organs of the human body, such as the brain, and by inorganic materials, product of advanced nanotechnologies and robotics, considering the latter as a reference as a reference.

A series of examples can be constituted in science fiction such as Ghost in the Shell, presenting Cyborgs as a possible biological and cultural evolution of human beings, also noted by remarkable of thought, consciousness and emotional sinking of the characters such as when for example whenHis memory has been hacked and must face that they remember non -existent events.

These subjects of cyberspace, which are referred to by a postmodernity modified by technology, allow the human being to evolve, so much that they have become a "human being" for some levels of reality and in a superhuman. But being a CiBorg does not only have a superficial sense such as combining meat and organs with technology, but there is a deeper sense in these systems of encapsulated reasoning and thinking in bodies and minds of biological material and circuit.

Today it is possible to know cases of Cyborgs, unthinkable in past times, but predicted by science fiction, such as Professor Kevin Warwick, which has a chip installed on his arm that enables him to control the lights, doors and other technological devices such ascomputers.

The human being must evolve so as not to disappear, due to the large number of damages produced to the earth, and if it is modified there may be a greater probability of surviving in the outer space. However, everything that the human being conceives as an attack or threatened to its existence either collective or individual, will be transformed into a war. Could it be to replace the cyborgs, we will join or face them?

Another quite complete example in my opinion, seen in clasThe planet Earth and that in fact depends too much on the goodness of the human being, something that is very subjective. As if it was little, also our acts of denunciation as a human race, as our logic to attack and then listen or ask predominantly, since we have always given a strongly portrayed use of governments and armies until today.


And on the other hand, knowing the dangerous consequences of the human act, Klaatu travels to Earth to warn oursfuture.

Arguments that undoubtedly generate many concerns and doubts about tomorrow, that only time will reveal us. Since as it makes us clear about Rama, in the deep infinity of the universe there could be lives with schemes, technologies and cycles that do not necessarily fit the logic of what we know as our solar system.

Finally and finally I would like to leave this phrase of Isaac Asimov to reflect there is only one war that can afford the human being: the war against its extinction.   

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