The Evolution Of Society From The Dark Era.

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The evolution of society from the dark era.


In the following analysis it will be developed from the most relevant analytical points that have been considered appropriate to address the internal structure of the text. The first analytical point consists of the fall of the Hitita Empire in the Bronze Age in Greece. The way in which its entire structure fell down to the point of the disappearance of its writings The second analytical point shows us the development of the new Greek society in the dark age.

First analytical point: The fall of the Hitita Empire

a) Reference to a historical date the Hitita Empire fell apart approximately 1200-1190 to.C., Although there are no direct evidence to know what were the peoples that caused this event, this was one of the worst catastrophes of antiquity, its complex and refined culture that had begun to be set in the Aegeanand that it was continued by the Mycenaeans collapsed completely sinking in more than four centuries of darkness of which we bareGreat population masses pushed by hunger, fear and need.

The Citadel of Troy was located near the Aegean Sea, with great surveillance on a large plain, quite fertile, Troy was first occupied at the beginning of the Bronze Age approximately in 3000A.C, it was a great strength for a long time, despite that it did not enjoy peace, since there were constant catastrophes and this made it divided into five, being Troy II the richest, with quite impressive pieces of gold and TroyI saw that potentialized the technique of building walls or complex buildings, then the Troy VII A would arise, that there are few ceramic evidence as proof of its existence, then I have to show how the definitive fall of Troy was.

b) Trojan’s fall is the work of men as they have shown in the few archaeological findings, it was not a mynical invasion against Troy, because despite the fact that this would solve the problems, it would bring complications, whatever the truth of the Trojan fall, the magnitude of the catastrophes in Greece cannot be determined, with the demolition of the strengths and the palaces it is correct to assume that the pyramid social structure fell down for which they had been created for the time, only this disappeared, since theWriting also did, since the only function of the Mycenaean world was to meet the administrative needs of the palace, for this reason the art of writing collapsed, this is one of the causes for which there are no archaeological remains of its ceramics.

The Minoic and Mycenaean world slowly began to blur from the history and memory of the Greeks being almost forgotten. Only some of their traces were protected in Homer’s verses, as a distant and confusing voices. In this way we enter the dark age which is the period between the twelfth and the eighth centuries.C that represented a tortuous involution towards barbarism and a loss of all the achievements achieved in the previous centuries.

Second analytical point: development of the new society of Greece in the dark age.

a) Thanks to the grouping of the survivors of the catastrophes in Greece a new society was born, with enough cultural innovation, in their weapons and objects which were manufactured with iron, this thanks to the fact that the bronze age was exceeded and there were no writings aboutFrom this story, which would allow him to recover his culture and politics, modern archeology has managedPresence of jewelry, nor Structure of Stone Building

The dark age has been interpreted as a stage of recession and great changes in the Aegean world. It has also been considered the stage in which the Greek people formed. Although great changes cannot be denied, there is currently a tendency to highlight the elements of continuity with respect to the previous stage.

b) From the eleventh century to.C. Innovations occur that will determine an economic development and the genesis of a new society. Protogeometric ceramics arises, sometimes decorated with circles and semicircles painted compass. In the IX and VIII centuries.C. Geometric ceramics are developed, characterized by presenting more complex decorations than those of the previous period. The first Greek sanctuaries also arise, where offerings are deposited, in the sanctuaries not only the gods were revered, but also heroes that were supposed to be buried in ancient monumental tombs, usually of mycenaean origin. The faithful did not know the identity of the individuals to whom these tombs were destined, but they attributed names and the category of heroes.



Based on the text the history of primitive Greece in the age of bronze and the archaic era, it shows us how the archaeological remains of thousands of years ago builds us a story and as archeology plays an important role in knowing the history of a societyWithout Scriptures thanks to archeology, we can know a bit of our ancestors, and know where we come from and also know our ancient history in order to understand many of those who present today surround a culture or our culture.

Personal impression

What I can conclude from the text is that the author reconstructs, based on archeology, the backgrounds of Greek civilization during the ages of bronze and archaic;It also shows us the birth and development of the main Greek institutions and records the future of their respective cultures: the fall of the centrist mycenaean, the existence and crisis of the Athenian and Spartan polis, the emergence of the Homeric HeroConcept of people. Particularly important is the inquiry about the way in which the Greeks faced social conflicts and their special analysis of the ‘agon’, symbol of tensions between the individual and society, fundamental stone – for many – of the social structure of the West.

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