The Evolution Of Effective Communication

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We are immersed in the era of communication. When talking to our friends, with our family, at work or when going to make the purchase, we communicate either with voice and words, with our nonverbal language or even with noise, images, emoticons or gif. Communication is everywhere, and is necessary in our day to day.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, communication is the action or effect of communicating. But communication is much more. In our condition of social beings, people need to communicate among us to exchange or share information and ideas, and it is a vital importance so that we can develop correctly.


Communication throughout history has evolved and is increasingly easier and simple to communicate and interact with the world. In recent years we have witnessed the progress of new technologies and the emergence of social networks, which have substantially transformed the way we communicate. The rise of these new supports has also transformed users when consuming information, demanding content that has to do with experience, emotion and personalization.

In this sense, it is essential that every company or organization has an department that assumes communication tasks to help the global functioning of the same. Thanks to a good communication strategy, a company is able to adapt to these changes that the environment suffers, knowing the optimal way of relating to its interest groups, promoting the participation, involvement and motivation of these groups, and coordinating the development of theiractivities, all in order to establish a route for the achievement of established goals and objectives.

For the TEDXunebrija event we seek effective communication, that the messages of the messages achieve a full understanding of what you want to convey, formulate a series of communication goals and objectives and develop the strategies, techniques, tactics and actions aimed at meeting those objectives.


In this work a study on the history of TED, its evolution and its current situation is done. On the other hand, the definition of their interest groups and the appropriate channels and means to communicate with them is presented. With all this it is intended to show how through good communication management, the image can be improved, generating interest and increasing the reputation of a brand or organization. 

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