The Environments That Australia Manages

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The environments that Australia manages


Social Environment – Political. Australia has a smaller population than most other cities. In 2018 the population reached almost 23 million people. The average life expectancy is 80 years for men and 84 for women. This country is characterized by being multicultural and multirracial despite having a mass immigration policy adopted in World War II. The conflict between refugees and immigrants is a fairly delicate issue for the Australian population. There are three social classes: the worker, average and high.


The upper class involves around 5 and 10% of the population, being the properties and capital its main sources of income. The middle class are those who do not have manual work. And more than 20% of the population is grouped into the working class. As for Education Australia is one of the countries that has opted for higher training. You can choose between universities and institutes of higher and technical education. The choice of these institutions is affected by the social status and wealth of each individual. 

Technological environment. Australia is known for its technological innovations. Bet on new technologies more frequently than other countries that are in position. In 2019 the purchase of new technologies reached 65 million dollars. Technological growth is quite good, this is transferred to companies to make use of these technologies not only to maintain and improve the quality of their products and services, but also to reduce operating costs. 

However, there is a problem regarding technological and research policies and is that most research and development lies in national centers, while university studies are seen in trouble to achieve financing. The Australian government finances more than 50% of all development and research. Industries contribute around 40%. Ecological environment. Australia is well known for its magnificent biodiversity, it is a habitat of more than one million species of plants and animals. 

It is not surprising that millions of tourists choose this country every year. Although not everything is always good, this country combats the occasional environmental challenge. Climate change is one of the factors that most affects Australia, being the great coral barrier the most outstanding. According to the Senate studies, they concluded that climate change is national risk for Australia. This is due to the insecurity of water, propagation of various infectious diseases or conflicts on water and earth. 


Legal environment. To guarantee a trade just for companies and for consumers, Australia has laws of fair trade, laws of loyal competition in the market, appropriate payment to employees and workers and consumer laws. The Law of Fair Labor of 2009 is the main legislation that governs employment in the country. Similarly, privacy laws try how companies handle the personal information of their clients. 

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