The Environment, Garbage And Why It Is Important To Recycle

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The environment, garbage and why it is important to recycle

You have ever wondered what about garbage? Or why do you talk so much about recycling? Well, many people ask the same questions and all lead them to the same answer: help the environment. Today our planet is being collapsed with tons of garbage and people want to do things but do not do them; others encourage others to help, etc. Thanks to the fact that today schools are helping to talk about Elena and try?, What relationship do we find with the basic contents of biology?, What are the different positions around the subject?, What happens worldwide with garbage and locally? And many others that make today’s young.

To begin, you have to make clear some concepts. Recycling comes from the word reuse that means using something, usually with a different function from the one that had originally. In addition to this word there is another one as garbage, which is the set of waste, barreduras, materials etc., that are discarded, such as food residues, papers and old rags, pieces of broken things and other waste that occur in houses daily. In addition, there are different types of garbage such organic garbage, which is generated from the remains of living beings such as plants and animals, examples: fruits and vegetables, shells, food remains, bones, paper and natural fabrics such as silk, Lino and cotton. This type of garbage is biodegradable; Inorganic garbage, which comes from minerals and synthetic products such as plastic, glass, plasticized cardboard, which take up to thousands of years to degrade and are very harmful to our environment and planet clearly; and health garbage, which are the materials used to perform medical cures such as bandages, cotton, toilet paper, sanitary towels, scarves, diapers, etc. Apart from this we must define other important concepts that are those that do good, which is the part of recycling. Recycling is a very important factor for environmental conservation, which provides interesting benefits. The waste generated is processed and transformed to obtain raw materials that can be used in new manufacturing processes. In this way, recycling contributes to eliminating waste generated, saving in industrial processes and reducing the exploitation of natural resources. For all this, it is very positive for both society and the environment. Some of the best known types of recycling worldwide are: plastic recycling, because this is one of the most harmful materials and that takes more years to degrade, with an approximate of 600 to 1000 years; Paper recycling, which even though it is biodegradable, is one of the most used materials globally and that is why it is preferable be taken by a human need; Glass recycling which is the best to reuse since the same glass can be used infinitely since it is not damaged and does not affect the environment; The batteries and batteries, which is the most toxic because they contain heavy metals in their EU structure are extremely harmful to the planet; And the last among the best known is the aluminum recycling, which consists in the extraction of the material used in cans or soft drinks to melt this metal again to be reused.

From my point of view, the recycled theme and differentiated waste collection is very important to be given in all schools for precisely, schools have the role of preparing students towards the future, knowing that those who are there in the present, They will be the ones that operate the decisions in the future. Apart from that, the school has to be an entertaining place and must do some way or another, a way in which students entertain themselves with the topics, and I think that giving this type of activities talking about recycling and waste separation Give the boys to motivate themselves and try to change a simple habit such as putting the paper in one basket, the plastic in another and the glass in another, if this begins to spread between students and schools, students will make a great change at the local level with the simple fact of differentiating garbage. On the other hand, these issues cover biology, since in this there are usually issues such as global warming or the greenhouse effect, which are the result of excess garbage discarded by humans. As we can see, recycling is very important this helps us save and fight against climate change, if we recycle carried out these processes; Lower energy consumption is equal to less CO2 and we reduce the greenhouse effect, that is, recycling at home means helping the planet and contributing to fighting climate change.; We use less raw material, in this way we will save an important amount of natural resources and we will keep, among other things, our forests, the so -called lungs of the planet, whose work is essential to decontaminate the environment; We create new jobs, recycling at home means preserving the environment and something as important as helping the creation and maintenance of jobs. Because the waste recycling process needs companies and working people who collect the different materials and classify them.

In the world, garbage pollution is getting worse but, fortunately there are already hundreds of sustainable companies that use a type of product or a production that does not affect the environment. On the planet there are places which are already practically uninhabitable but that fortunately there are already associations that are in progress to reconstruct the disaster and pollution of the place.The Blacksmith Institute, an American NGO that fights so that the world is a less contaminated place has been. A sad reality on which, however, it is necessary to inform so that awareness increases globally. Normally, these places so dirty and contaminated that affect the entire planet are thus due to the impact of industrial origin, mostly factories. By continents, Southeast Asia and black Africa are the least clean and, by countries, Russia and Indonesia take the palm.The city of Agbogbloshie, in Ghana is undoubtedly one of the saddest places on the planet. It is often called ‘the garbage of the West’ and that is where the waste (especially electronic) of developed countries usually goes; The Citarum River in Indonesia,

It is so dirty that when we see the images, it is difficult to think that under all that garbage there is really a river. There are parts that are totally covered with waste, in addition to many pipes that directly pour the waste into the water. In addition, the inhabitants who live near the river have habit of throwing all their waste into it. As a last example I will take a place in Argentina which is very shocking compared to other contaminated sites in the country: the Argentine Matanza River, province of Buenos Aires. This river that crosses 14 municipalities along sixty kilometers is surrounded by highly chemical products factories. What is done with all these waste? They throw themselves into the river. This makes not only the Matanza river contaminated, but the pollution can reach the ocean. In addition, most of the 20.000 inhabitants of that region live in subhuman conditions due to the very high pollution and behavior of manufacturers.

Clearly, this place is the most affected, but the country is not far behind. This article was made thanks to the work effort of a professional journalist. Every two seconds, 2 tons of garbage are discarded in Argentina but only 10 percent are recycled, which is why you have to continue educating to continue educating.Already in Córdoba the green positions have begun to be used. This does not mean that in other provinces of the country they are not yet, but now that one more province will be able to differentiate waste and be able to help the environment reducing pollution. In our province some green points have already been established in capital so that people who do not have available the private differentiated collection service could go to there in order to help the city. Some points are in: Rodríguez Peña 740, Club Athens, Children’s Hospital, in all CPC of the city, in the Institute Club, at the Bus Terminal and many other places where we can leave our differentiated waste. Unfortunately some of these have not been used in the right way, generating problems and complaints by the employees of the municipality, saying that they have encountered everything that one can imagine, from the request as paper and cardboard to rotten meat or chemical waste. If society continues to do this damage, the municipality will take action on the matter and probably take these gigantic baskets making everything again as it was initially, all together.

To conclude, we can say that the recycling issue is an issue that has to be covered in all institutions to improve, as could be seen, there are already programs on the way to this and schools are doing recreational activities so that the future is in safe hands; Sustainable companies are starting to grow and begin to lead among the greats, other NGOs are helping around the world treating the issues with garbage and how to separate it and even the greatest powers are doing. With luck of here to a future the planet will be replaced and will be better than ever, all thanks to recycling.   

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