The Empowerment Of The Patient In The Health System

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The empowerment of the patient in the health system

Interest in patient empowerment in the health care sector has been increasing in recent years. The patient’s potentiation focuses on an active and continuous participation, in which the patient assumes control or responsibility for the care of their health, their disease and treatment, as well as the ability to participate in the process of consultation and ofdecision making

Patients are facing a system that provides them with limited access or control over their medical information and on whom you have access to it. So patients must have greater access to their medical data and transparency on who has access to their information and how and to be used. In turn, they should be given the knowledge, education and information necessary to use the data of their own interest.

Interactive use of information technology and communications have proven to be a useful instrument in the contribution in the empowerment and learning process. Currently, technological services have been provided in which web services have been used for the exchange of information, interactive portals and access to remote data. Another technology is mobile applications whose use is increasing with the aim of facilitating communication in medical care. Some of these mobile applications include patients the possibility of requesting appointments, allows them to store and manage all their health information and instantly share important data and updates with their doctors.

An example to highlight is the mobile application created as help and support for a patient who suffers from renal failure, allowing his active participation in their health management. This application is adapted to the needs and care of the patient, achieving water self-control and nutritional management. At the same time, support and attention are improved, and the costs and times of the system are reduced, since when they go to dialysis sessions they can show the registration of their water balance, see the evolution of their monthly water balance and takedecisions about their care in conjunction with the team of professionals. In addition, through a complete food guide, they are aware of the importance of being able to eat everything with knowledge, adjusting to what is recommended in the application. 

Apart from mobile technology, there are the use of forums, blogs and social support online networks. They are adequate tools to generate support groups in the electronic world, thus generating knowledge and a community that includes those interested in health care, which reinforces the continuity of care beyond treatment.

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