The Emotions And Feelings Of The Emotional Brain

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The emotions and feelings of the emotional brain

Emotions and feelings are essential to elaborate our own identity, the way we behave and mental health. They are responsible for making both ethical and economic decisions. The most basic emotions cause a situation. These emotions generate main feelings that trigger secondary ones such as "shame or jealousy". Basic emotions are universal are related to both innate and learned behaviors, the two most basic ones, but which are captured differently are fear and beauty. The term beauty is very relative, since for some people one thing can be beautiful but for others completely the opposite, since the fact that something comes out of the normal is to say an imperfection causes the person not to be attracted to others, that is why all kinds of intellectuals have tried to find the absolute perfection of the beautiful. Through an investigation carried out by a surgeon, which tried that a series of people had to classify more attractive to a series of photographs of faces, concluding that there was something else in the concept of beauty.

Beauty is everything that produces a certain harmony and contains a series of adequate proportions and everything that is not considered the opposite, that is ugly and causes a negative sensation. They are perceived through the sensory manifestations and reach the brain through the visual cortex to the thalamus that sends the information to the amygdala that is responsible for evaluating the visual stimulus by activating the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland that secretes hormones to the blood by elaborating an answer,From the amygdala returns to the cortex and finally passes through the lower temporal lobe where the content of the image is recognized. The answers can be evaluated negatively or positively, it is done through the tonsil complex, once the nuclei that form it have fulfilled their functions and have obtained the necessary information use their internal interconnections by sending them to three different areas the answers obtained. The first the ventral striatum that is involved in the motor control, on the other hand to the prefrontal cortex that is responsible for regulating emotions and finally to the somatosensory cortex that becomes aware.

In conclusion, the quality of personal life depends on how we interpret, feel and control these emotions.

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