The Emergence Of Modern Architecture

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The emergence of modern architecture

 The term modern architecture began to be used since twentieth, in which modernism was: the new concepts that were being implemented and which were being very striking for the time for example: the implementation of ornaments was reduced which was widely usedIn the classic style, the spaces began to be created more functional for the user, that is, each space was used to the fulleAnd the Le Corbusier measures system was implemented, according to Corbusier:

The human eye admires places full of streets and houses and perceives the volumes that move around it, if those volumes are not so recharged with excess ornaments and if the order of the volumes has a clear symmetry or rhythm, if the relationship betweenThe space and volume is adequate the eye transmits that to the brain generating a satisfaction of observing the place.

Calduch points out that:

Modern architecture is in a delicate situation regarding its conservation and survival, because (the buildings) 1 have ceased to be valued (…). The sense of time makes them ceasing to be something that corresponds to the present, but they still do not belong to the past. And it is in this transit where the danger of its disappearance is more serious. 

This architecture adapts to the particular characteristics and that is one of the reasons why it is being forgotten little by little since the simpler less elegance and today what is most sought for the elaboration of a house are the designs usedOn the facade, buildings that used modern architecture as a base are being demolished or remodeled by the styles of contemporary architecture, modern architecture has not lasted long since technology has evolved but not only that is also the appearance of new materials fromconstruction which has allowed the new architecture to be believed.

Contemporary is an architecture developed from the modern we deduce this for the simple reason that the two use the glass as a source of lighting and makes the use of other materials of the same. But, although there are many factors that lead to the modern to their substitution we should not allow this since it contains a piece of history that is part of our society, either because of its geometry or for its few details we must not forget that it reveals thedreams and anguish of society at the beginning of the 20th century, before its economic, technological and cultural changes through which they passed at that time. And without realizing its historical weight we want to leave it behind. But it is necessary to specify that modern architecture seeks first of all "to respond to an artistic formality that is based on a system of abstract and universal relationships, built with criteria of visual consistency, and that is characterized by its economy, precision, rigor and universality". 

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