The Elephant Shackle, A Popular Story

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The elephant shackle, a popular story

The elephant shackle is based on a popular history that reflects the different mental barriers that the human being imposes.

Every man has a dream, a goal, a desire. This work describes the moments of the great men and dreamers of our history. His sense belonged to his dreams, perseverance amid the adversities and exemptional results they obtained. Even them, that for decades we have admired, they had every moment the temptation to doubt but nevertheless they did not remain faithful to their ideals.

This book teaches us not to give up our dreams and goals in an adverse situation, moments in which we leave our plans unfinished and accommodate ourselves to the idea of ​​modifying and noting anything other than a generator of current comfort.

It helps us develop or change our way of thinking, we are what we think and act as we think. Modifying these schemes requires the courage to break the past. We are not in a situation determined by destiny. It is ourselves that we decided as and where we want to be.

Let’s give the opportunity to create new opportunities. Life itself is a great opportunity to obtain what we want, to achieve family, emotional and economic prosperities.

The falls that we can occasionally have on the way indicate movement, indicate errors made but are evidence that we walk towards what we want. That means we are progressing gradually eliminating our mental barriers.

It is difficult to accept that we are tied to these impotence ideas to what we live. If for years we impose limitations that reinforced our shackle.

The shackle is the impotence that is housed in your head, marking the course towards a mediocre life, even with the great potential you carry with you and you have not wanted to discover for fear of failure.

The privilege of failure is the life experience that makes you grow as a person if you channel it correctly. Your past is a very important example for you, it is what you are currently, but it is also a conviction if you decide to live in it.

This work shows us the great examples to follow of common people and currents without socio-economic status and who did not yield to the possible barriers that wanted to impose them.

Everything is possible, faith is the substance of what we expect and the guarantee that we can achieve it. Henry Ford this man who contributed to humanity, this character was determined to achieve his goals before the possible shackles that wanted to impose, his father told him about the real and unreal possibilities, the farm was real, the engines were nonsense among others stuff.

We must destroy these negative ideas empty them from our mind taking actions.

"Dreaming in something to carry it out in a correct way is fine, but dreaming when we should be acting is incorrect". Oswald Chambers.

Albert Einstein said "For something to happen, you have to do something first" we cannot only change our way of thinking we must generate immediate action if we do not do our barriers they will be reflected in our mind making them harder to break them by the simple fact of re -analyze the circumstances.

Immediate action will lead you to a life full of triumphs and also constantly modify your thought. Giving yourself the faith you need to keep us in an active state, moving filling yourself with ideas and dreams, generating a defined path to continue to success.

We cannot expect to have everything in our favor, if we do not act we encourage the analysis that is worse than the shackle itself since it never lets you get ahead, it is necessary to try to take a dose of risk and generate movement The action makes the difference between the Success and good intentions.

We must have a firm attitude to break our mental barriers. Leaving behind the different negative ideas that limit you, such as having an advanced age, the feeling that you do not have the ability to perform some type of task, the only thing we must believe is that we can and that we have great potential to develop new ideas.

Life is short to fill ourselves with regrets, we must separate ourselves with negativity and ignore some malicious comments some people live in darkness where conformism exists and do not give way to personal improvement.

After reading the elephant shackle I got new knowledge that improves my development as a person, also my solidified social development the trust I have. He also taught me the practice of a firm discipline, which will help me not to give up by going through an adversity.

An example of this is Ray Kroc. That despite his limitations in the market he firmly trusted his products and maintained a formidable discipline he said “I am convinced that if someone thinks as a small, it is still small, and I am not willing to be. He was so determined to get what he wanted him to promote hard working hours.

Obtaining a strong determination for what he wanted, striving and obtaining what he wanted. This generated a great positive impact on my convictions restructuring my thoughts and habits that I must follow to achieve my goals.

The book tells me that my goals will determine the price to pay and for this I must dare to pay in other words I must leave behind my comfort space to give way to new experiences and new challenges to achieve my dreams, he also says that failure is a lot more expensive than your own effort to achieve your dream, which tells me that I should not get stuck I must learn from my mistakes.

John Maxwell’s appointment. Success: is to know your purpose in life to grow to develop your maximum potential and sow seeds that help others. This appointment changes the way of thinking that I had so far managing to clarify my purposes in the future.

Thus giving my first step to change my paradigms by putting a clear and defined goal to be able to fulfill it a certain period. Gautama Buddha said the mind is everything; What you think is what you become eliminating negative thoughts and giving way to the positive.

To give a balance inside me since this way of thinking will make me a specific person who clings to the convictions and goals of him to fulfill my purposes achieving.

To end the analysis of this work that has left me a great contribution to my development, that I teach me not to falter in the different environments that life presents us such as your socia or economic potion since you are responsible for controlling your style of life we ​​are the ones who decided to break with the chains or continue with them.

After immersing myself more thoroughly of the work I realized the immense wealth that the book leaves to continue opening paths to my development. The human being is linked to failure but it is also one of our gifts teaches us to be better every day, we look for alternative solutions to solve our problems. Great errors of scientists today are the greatest contributions to humanity. Since they did not give up their dreams and ambitions.

What changes your life is not to know more, if not the decisions you make and the actions you undertake. A.Robbins. It is you who build your own destiny, the most sensible thing is not to lose your mood before the adversity Jah Christian mentioned man is not defeated by the enemy if not by himself. Sometimes we surrender without having made any word attempt as I cannot or do not serve this are the ones that keep us at the level at which we are currently, the fact that a person tells you that you cannot do it because you are not trained, We should not give so much importance since the key is not to self-destroy your trust, adapting to radical and momentary changes.

Courage is not to overcome fear is to act still with its presence. These appointments will be recorded in my memories to remember that I must continue walking towards success keeping my purposes and values ​​that my parents, friends, and teachers are constantly sharing to do my best on this path of life. leaving a great legacy to my future generations          

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